Plans for 2019! A Post I Never Thought I’d Be Writing!

A very belated (as per usual) Happy New Year!

This new year for me, brings new (AND HUGE!) changes!


This spring, I will being moving from Bucharest, Romania and settling down in England. It seems surreal to type that, as I thought and lived like I would be in Bucharest forever. This decision was made over the past year but once I DID make the decision, it was an easy one. Its not to say that this decision hasn’t been a bittersweet one or an emotional one, but instead, one that I have thought about a lot.

To some, it’ll be a big surprise, but to others close to me, it wont be. I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity and support to be here, and stay here as long as I have, but now I know it’s the right time to move on.

Hope Rescue Centre has been the best part of my time here in Romania. Working closely with people who have the same passion and vision as me is a complete JOY and something I am so thankful to have been a part of. For those of you who have been financially donating to camps, Christmas fundraisers, holidays, specific families, and to ME, you have been a huge part of why Hope Rescue Centre is up and running faster than we could have imagined.

Hope Rescue Centre has been rapidly growing and will continue to do so, but only with the support of people who have supported the homeless children and families over the passed 3 years.  If you would like to make a one time donation to HRC, or even switch you monthly donations to them, PLEASE do so.  I know the money will be used in the best ways, to get homeless families and children off of the street, and give them the chance to be educated, cared for, and job trained.

If you wish to donate to Hope Rescue Centre use the email address:

For other ways to donate to HRC, please visit the website:

If you get “regular” snail mail newsletters from me, one more is being sent out next week with slightly more information and also to express my thankfulness and gratitude for so many of you being on this journey with me for almost EIGHT YEARS!

I am thrilled, excited and anxious to start my new chapter and adventure in England, but leaving Romania after so long, is going to be tough. Please pray for a smooth transition for me and for Weasley, who has already happily settled in England!

For one of the last times ever,

Blessings from Bucharest!




Christmas Fundraiser Has Officially… BEGUN!!!

Hello everyone!

It’s that time again! This year has flown by but the most exciting month is just before us! Please consider donating towards buying gifts for homeless children in Bucharest.

There is a GoFundMe link where all financial donations can be made easily and safely:


If you are IN Bucharest and would like to sponsor, shop, and wrap a gift for a child, please contact me directly through Facebook or email so I can send you a child’s profile with their photo and Christmas list!

Thank you for all of your continued support especially during this Christmas season!  We couldn’t make the HUNDREDS of children we work with smile, if it wasn’t for your help!





Camp 3 Recap! Summer is OVER!

Summer of 2018 is officially almost over!

It has been such a successful summer for us at Hope Rescue Centre.  Every summer we add a camp, or do things a bit differently to try and improve.  I personally, LOVED having a sleep away camp and a VBS morning and afternoon camp.  We worked with dozens more children than we had done in the previous years and overall, I think it suited the RHCC teams more!

The final summer camp was also a huge success!  Unfortunately, I was ill for a lot of it and couldn’t be as involved as I wanted BUT here are some picture of some of the fun things these village children got to experience! Museums, castles, behind the scenes of the airport, the airport control tower etc etc etc, all of these experiences were so new for these children and truly, a once in a lifetime experience.  We hope that it encouraged them to stay in school and work towards getting a job in one of these fields!


It is crazy how quickly this summer has gone, but I am already looking forward to see what we do next year for all of these children!

For now, it is a time of rest, relaxation and preparation for my trip to Los Angeles in a month.  I am only going for a short amount of time and will try and meet with as many supporters, Bible Studies, and church services as possible. Without these people, I couldn’t do this so I am working on squeezing everyone in!

If you would like to meet between mid September and the beginning of October, please email me and we can schedule it!

Thanks again, for your continued support!

Blessings from Bucharest!