Private Guitar Lessons by Joe DiResta

Guitarist, Joe DiResta began working as a professional musician at the age of 16. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance at the University of Southern California in 2000.  He graduated cum laude, was inducted into the National Honors Society, and received Graduate of the Year award from the Studio Guitar Department.  While there he studied under some of the finest guitarists in the Los Angeles area including Joe Di Orio, Frank Potenza, Pat Kelly, Richard Smith, and David Oakes. Joe has performed around the Los Angeles area in styles ranging from jazz to rock to classical. He has worked with the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on theater projects that have toured both nationally and internationally. Recently, a project he worked on was featured in the “Spring of Culture” event in Bahrain. Joe has recorded for independent movie projects and is presently working on incidental music for film and commercials. He has donated his talents in the fight against cancer by producing music to raise money for breast cancer research. Joe currently spends much of his time composing and working in music education where he teaches classes at Marymount College in Palos Verdes and Miraleste Middle School as well as teaching privately.

4 half hour private in home guitar lessons within the cities of South Torrance, Palos Verdes, and San Pedro.

Value is $140.

Minimum Bid: 60$

3 thoughts on “Private Guitar Lessons by Joe DiResta

  1. Hi. My son, Kaden, took lessons this summer at st Lawrence. We lost your business card and were wondering how to get more lessons. Please email back. Thanks!! Kaden learned so much. He misses it!

  2. I bid $80, and I am buying it for myselt, but might have some young lookiloos. I rip at Guitar Hero, but am ashamed I don’t even know how to tune the nice guitar Kirk bought me when I was 22 years old!

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