My Weekend

I seriously had SUCH a good weekend. Remember last blog I promised to weed out the pointless details? I am not doing that in this post, everyone must know everything! There’s your warning… here we go!

Friday I came home (Calvary Chapel) to a family who is staying at there until the end of this month. Elizabeth and Costi are here from Southern California (woop woop represent) with their two children Anna (3) and Jasmine (2) Costi is originally from Romania and Elizabeth from America. They met when Elizabeth came over for a short term mission 10 years ago and fell in love, got married and have two of the cutest children I have ever met. The extra company in the house is great and spending time with their children is fun too, even if we do have tea parties 15 times a day! Elizabeth and I decided to practice Romanian together every night and I think it will really help me to “teach” her what I know.  I am going to really enjoy these next two weeks with them and going to miss the company when I move.

Saturday was another great day. Costi had some friends over and we played football, basketball and ate all day long. In the afternoon, some friends from Calvary Chapel started to come to set up for the fun outreach night. Basically, they have theme nights once a month where they invite friends and play games, hear a short message, and just enjoy hanging out. Saturday’s theme was childhood. Claudia (who organized it) wanted us to feel like children again and we decorated the church with balloons, stickers, hopscotch and toys. After we played some games, (my team won… juuust for the record) we all shared funny childhood stories. It was such a great night and I will have pictures coming soon!


Sunday was a busy morning for me. My boss, Alex, invited me to his church so that he could introduce who would be going to camp with the kids. Ten more kids signed up for the camp which brings our total to 50 kids. We are also going to bring some kids from outside Bucharest from a very poor village to camp with us. Alex and I were just talking about how important it is to mix middle/lower/upper class children together so that they learn from a young age we are all in God’s family together and financial status doesn’t matter.  I am really excited for the camp but still have a lot of preparing to do. Please pray for Alex and his family who are planning this entire camp, on top of normal work. It takes a lot of work to put this together and I hope we can continue to focus on why we are doing this, how much the kids are going to learn and how much fun they will have.

After Alex’s church I went back to Calvary Chapel and ate lunch with everyone. Mike is out of town so we actually didn’t have the children’s program this week. Everyone from church spent the entire day and night playing games and watching a movie. It makes me so happy to see everyone relaxing and enjoying fellowship together, everyone here works so hard to service others that I love seeing them enjoy a Sunday together. The church was clear close to 10pm, I don’t think any of us WANTED to leave, but alas, the work week begins. (Did I really just use the word “alas?” awesome!)

BIG thank you to everyone here in Romania for helping me transition so well. Without fun, prayer and fellowship it would definitely be hard.  It is safe to say I absolutely LOVE it here. I am really looking forward to working at the camp in a couple weeks and seeing the kids at the next children’s program. For now, I am brainstorming some fun English learning games and preparing for a week with enthusiastic and crazy kids.

I am not sure if I am covering enough information or forgetting to answer some obvious questions that people have. If that is the case, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you shortly.

If you are still awake after reading that novel, this is for you…. , thank YOU for making this possible. I am so blessed knowing I get to work with children and for God IN Romania. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to be.  This was God’s plan but it also wouldn’t be possible without your help and support. Thanksssss 🙂



4 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Ha, that is awesome. I hope you meet your own “Costi” there, lol. But of course, that is totally secondary, so get back to work.

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