Hala House Update

Last August, when the team from Rolling Hills Covenant Church and I came out here to do a Vacation Bible School program, we not only did it at the church for the kids living nearby, but we went to a big abandoned building named “hala.” This building was a former house that had major fire damage, no running water, and close to 40 people living it.

We brought all the supplies and ran the camp there. By the end of the week the parents and adults were also joining in and singing and were eager to get their own Bibles from us. We had such a great experience there because the children were SO eager to learn about Jesus and spend time with us.

Unfortunately, the owners of the land finally came to claim it. They tore down the building and forced the people living there to leave. I am not sure where the people went, but fortunately two of the children from there are coming to the camp I am volunteering at. It will good to see them again.Image

The pictures on the left are from last August. The picture on the right was taken very recently by Claudia Enescu. This whole situation makes me sad, but also thankful knowing we got to do our VBS program last summer before they had to leave. Please join me in praying for these families, especially the children, for their safety and that they will remember what they were taught last summer and continue to read the Bibles we gave them.

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