Last week of June Update!

I cannot believe I have been here for a MONTH! I have been so busy this last week I haven’t been able to update! So sorry, but I am definitely going to make up for it right now. I have tons of pictures and stories to tell you! I will start with the pictures I promised to post last week. These pictures are from the fellowship night we had at the church. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

That was such a fun night! I seriously cannot believe it was two weeks ago- time is flyyyying by!

Last Wednesday, Costi (the Romanian missionary from America,) and his wife invited me to come visit a foundation with him in the afternoon. It was a foundation for kids to come to after school and get help with homework, play games and eat. Most of these kid’s parents are gypsy’s and they were so excited when we got there! Here are some pictures with the kids and us! The little boy I am with gave me his angel craft he had made! He was such a sweet boy!


Image ImageImageImageImageImage

As if this week wasn’t busy enough. Elizabeth and I decided to cook a big Mexican meal for whoever wanted to be brave and try it! I posted it on facebook and jokingly said, RSVP so I know whether we are cooking for 4 or 40. The joke was on me because over 30 people came! We shopped multiple times for hours to find the right ingredients! (funny story: I had to make one last run the day of the meal for canned beans, canned corn and other really heavy food that I didn’t realize was heavy until I put it in my bags. I was alone and 5 miles from church with 5 REALLY heavy bags. Did I mention I was carrying heavy bags? Anyways, I hopped on the first tram and was already sweating. On my second tram I was exhausted and scared my bags would break on the walk home. I was already imagining in my head what I was going to tell everyone I did. “I carried 5 HEAVY bags home, ALONE, in the middle of the HOT day”… basically bragging. That all changed when I saw a 90 year old lady carrying TEN heavIER bags than I was holding. Shout out to that old lady who is stronger than me and clearly has more stamina than me.. I hope to be like you one day!) We cooked for over 24 hours to prepare but in the end it was worth it! I think everyone liked it and so far I haven’t heard of anyone being food poisoned so I think it was a success. Elizabeth and I wanted to do this as a “thank you” for everyone at Calvary Chapel for helping us and being so kind as to let us stay there.  William who was the assistant pastor as Calvary Chapel is moving to Brasov and it was his birthday this week… it kind of turned into a thank you/birthday/moving away bash. Here are some pictures from last night!ImageImageImageImageImage

This week has been crazy! I am now at the office, finalizing my lesson plans and gathering all the supplies I need for the games and lessons.  Sunday morning we leave for camp with all the children. Please pray for safe travels, good weather, that the kids will learn something from my English lessons, have fun and most importantly that these kids will get to know Jesus better. We have a lot of really fun stuff planned for this week and I am really excited to see the children enjoy it!


Quick reminder: There is a tab on the right of this screen that says ” follow blog via email.” It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and you will be emailed directly when I post a blog. That way you don’t have to keep checking everyday, but instead, it will alert you when I post something!

I won’t have internet for the week so I will try and post pictures and stories as soon as I get home BUT I am moving next weekend so it might be a little crazy. I am so sad to be leaving the church but really excited to be moving into my new apartment. It is really close to work and right across the street from a tennis court 🙂

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. Please pray for my back as I carried very heavy groceries home yesterday for over 5 miles and its sore…. just kiddingggggg! Praise God for a wonderful, safe, exciting, fun, crazy first month in Romania!

3 thoughts on “Last week of June Update!

  1. Great to hear of your adventures, especially dragging 5 really heavy loads of shopping home. My plan has worked! Loved the photos of all those happy smiling faces. More please:)

  2. Oh my gosh, you are hysterical. Nothing like an old lady to kick our butts. I still feel your pain.
    And I am so thankful I do not have to come over there with my public health degree and investigate a food poisoning outbreak. Good job!
    Sounds like things are going wonderfully, praise God! We will continue to keep praying for you 🙂

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