This week in Bucharest!

Hi everyone!

I am torn between updating this blog regularly and every so often.  I want to keep you all informed and let you know what I am doing but I also don’t want to sound like a 13 year old girl writing in her journal. I guess I will do my best to weed out the unimportant details and let you check as often as you want!

Last Sunday was my first day seeing some of the children that I met last summer. It was crazy to see how big some of the smaller kids have gotten and even crazier that some of them actually remembered me! Mike runs the children’s program from 230-4 on Sundays after we have our service from 11-1. We walk about a mile to collect the children and walk back to the church for singing, a Bible lesson, games and food! The kids are so enthusiastic and excited to come. When we turn the corner they all come running towards us. I never reacted that way going to church, only trying to chase the ice cream truck down the road. So for me, its so encouraging to see the kids excited to come hang out at church.

Yesterday, Alex, Mike and I went to Ikea and I bought a desk and a chair. I now have my very own spot in the office so I feel very official!

I have continued with the language lessons and I am pushing myself to actually use some of the words. It is not easy but the kid songs with lyrics help me the most. I read my very first song today all by myself! Wow, I promise I am 22 and not 6. Baby steps!

Again, thank you for all the supportive emails/comments and messages I have been receiving. I am going to thank you after every post because honestly, I wake up everyday to read what everyone has sent me. It makes me happy from the second I wake up knowing that I am not here alone and I have the support of people back home.

My First Week in Romania!

Hi everyone!

Super excited to be here and let you know what I have been up to these past few days. Monday was a Romanian holiday so I went to Alex Bruda’s house for a big meal and to try and recover from my weekend of traveling. His wife, Cami, who is also my language teacher, made an AMAZING meal and I knew right then I was going to enjoy being here for a year 🙂

I went to the Every Generation Ministries office on Tuesday and we scheduled a month of orientation for me. Alex and Mike are going to do an in depth review of EGM and train me for the few weeks that I am here. I started language classes with Cami this week and I am very excited to continue. We are meeting between 4-5 hours a week so try and speed this process up! A lot of people know English here but I am trying my best to communicate in Romanian when possible. Cami is a very patient teacher and I cannot wait until I can understand it completely!

I am going to be working at a children’s camp through Alex’s church the first week of July.. we are traveling a few hours away and running sports activities in the morning, bible study around noon and then crafts/English classes taught by me in the afternoon!  I have started to research fun activities for the children to do to learn English because A. they are at camp and it should be fun and B. there are three different levels of the childrens’ ability to understand and speak English so I will need to plan accordingly.

This week I have been staying at Calvary Chapel and traveling back and forth from the EGM office, but thankfully I found an apartment yesterday that is really close to Mike and Alex’s house and the office. Unfortunately, I cannot move in until I return from camp on the 8th of July, but the location is perfect so I couldn’t give it up.

Thanks for all your support thus far! I feel at home here already and I am so thankful for all your prayers and encouraging emails!