Camp! Part 1

I’m baaaaack! Physically, but not mentally, so please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors as I feel I have been hit by a bus over and over again. Apart from being exhausted, I had such an amazing time at camp this week! Here are some pictures!Image

Getting the bus loaded!


Arriving in “Rome” (the theme of the camp)



Getting my outfit on!!!


Cesare explaining the rules!



Romania’s Got Talent contestants! Along with playing guitar and singing, some kids rapped, beatboxed, did ballet, gymnastics and did short skits. They were all so funny and talented it was hard to vote on a winner!


The winners of Romania’s Got Talent! Two brothers who played half of a song on a flute and then switched to violin. They were super talented and won 100 gold coins. Gold coins were given out to kids who won games, helped clean up after meals and kept their rooms clean. They used the coins at the corner store to buy candy and ice cream!


We woke up everyday at 7am for a staff meeting. At 7:30 we blasted music and the kids ran down for a morning workout!Image

Some still in their PJ’s!


After this workout we had breakfast and then headed out to a nearby field to play sports for a couple of hours.  My friend Dana was in charge of the sports. There were so many kids that I usually took the older boys to a different field to play football, while she organized games for the younger kids to play like relay races, water balloon games and Red Rover!




When we came back from playing sports, we had our EGM style Bible time including a experiential activity, a short drama, discussion groups and a response on what they have learned that day. I was with the oldest group of kids, ages 11-13, because they spoke the most English. All of them loved it and were really involved with the discussion after the skit. It was great to see these kids wanting to share their responses to the lesson and how it related to their life and relationship with God.

After that we had lunch together and a quiet one hour break before we started activities in the afternoon. My next blog post will show those pictures and the outing we all went on on the final day.

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