VBS with Bozeman, Montana Team!

On Saturday, a team came from Bozeman, Montana to help run a VBS program for the children that live near the church. They arrived Saturday and planned to leave early Wednesday morning so we crammed a full week of lessons, crafts and games into 3 days! After the VBS ended in the afternoon, we had a short break and then went to a local park to evangelize to the locals. I can’t post pictures of the kids at the VBS because we don’t have their parents consent and we like to protect them on the internet BUT I will tell you that they LOVED it! We went to pick them up at about 10am everyday….walked about a mile to their apartment block. For them, it is quite early so most of the kids had just rolled out of bed. We went back to the church and sang songs, had a Bible lesson, did a craft and then fed them lunch. After lunch we played a game, had another Bible lesson, did another craft and colored. The kids really don’t want to go home because they have so much fun at church!

We had a short break between VBS and the park evangelism. Then we headed to the park with surveys and tracks.(small information cards about Jesus, and the location of our church if they wanted to come) It was crazy to see how open and willing the people were to talk about Jesus. We found the most responsive group were teenagers. We are continuing to pray that God will be working in their hearts and they will come to church.

After the park, we went to dinner. The last night the team was here, Tuesday night, they wanted a traditional Romania meal so we ate at the church. Dragos, one of the guys who attends Calvary Chapel Bucharest, is a chef so he cooked!Of course, it was amazing!

Here are some pictures of the Calvary Chapel Bozeman Team and us in the park!






And here are some pictures from Tuesday night. A delicious last meal!






aaaand DESERT! Mikes wife, Dana, made these. They are kind of like a donut (but still warm) with raspberry sauce and amazingness dripped all over it. Image

That is all for now! I am spending the next few days in the office and then my sister is coming to visit on Saturday! I am excited and will be taking Monday off so we can explore the city!

Please join me, the Bozeman team, and the rest of CC Bucharest in praying for the gypsy children we ministered to this week. We will be having a kids program for them on Sunday so pray that many are still excited about the VBS and will attend. Also, for the people we talked to in the park. One group even prayed with a teenage boy to accept Jesus into his heart. It is encouraging to hear that God is working in the hearts of so many people!

Sometimes it can get tiring working with the kids, but seeing how much they enjoy being at the church is so encouraging. Your prayers are working over here as many children showed up to learn more about Jesus everyday! So again, thank you for your continued prayer and support!

2 thoughts on “VBS with Bozeman, Montana Team!

  1. Camilla, great reports. I heard your Romanian is coming along nicely, too. We do pray for you and ask God’s favor on the children you have been serving. Blessings, dear one.

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