One Year Ago Today!

Firstly, I am alive! Sorry for the lack of blogging. After my sister came to visit for a couple days, I met my parents in England for a family wedding. It was nice to see my family, but after 2 weeks away from Romania, I was missing it and ready to come back. Upon returning, I realized I had less than 30 days to get all of my visa paperwork in. After a few weeks of going to the visa office multiple times, insurance offices, paying taxes, getting physicals and gathering foundation paperwork, I can say with great relief, that my visa is officially turned IN! Romania doesn’t have the best reputation regarding paperwork, but thankfully it wasn’t too grueling of a process! Anyways, it is done and I can pick it up in a few weeks!

One year ago today I was flying from Bucharest back home to Los Angeles. I had spent the week working with a team from RHCC running a VBS for the gypsy children. To say this trip changed my life would be an understatement, it seriously turned my world upside down! I fell in love with Romania, with Bucharest, with the people, and especially the children. I was determined to come back, somehow someway. Thankfully, me returning to Romania was all part of God’s plan for my life… and today I sit in my office in Bucharest, Romania, so thankful and so blessed for this opportunity to serve from my awesome God. I don’t deserve this, or anything for that matter, but because of his grace and love, I am here, loving every minute of it.

This year has been a crazy one for me. But God has been there for me, along with the support of my family, friends and you. I am also sooo thankful for everyone who is supporting me financially and spiritually while I am out here. Every dollar and every prayer makes a big difference out here, so thank you!

Random things that need to be said:

-Sorry for the lack of pictures, I am having major issues with my laptop and camera, hopefully they will be fixed soon.

-Keep a look out for a first quarter update from me in the MAIL! It would be impossible for me to update you all through snail mail regularly but my goal is to do it quarterly, so thank you for reading my blog. It saves me lots of time and lots of money doing it this way!

– Please pray for the future plans of the children in Bucharest. Right now we are working on/ brain storming more consistent things we can do with the gypsy children near our church. I know God has a great plan for me here, and of course for the children so pray we can get started in September when things start getting back to normal.

-Please pray for my language learning! This summer has been crazy with camps, traveling, VBS programs etc. so I haven’t been able to focus on it too much. But the desire is there, I REALLLYYYY want to just know the language! If you know me, you know I love to talk, and not being able to communicate well is driving me crazy! My family is probably thinking it is a blessing that the people of Romania don’t have to hear me talk as much as I do at home, but still, I need to know the language as soon as possible!

Okay I think that is it for now! I will update shortly with pictures (hopefully) and the plans we have for September. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is doing well at home! Feel free to email me anytime , I love hearing from you, and I love hearing how YOU are doing!

Thanks for reading!

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