Today is my 23rd BIRTHDAAAAY!

On September 26, 2011, I spent my birthday in Santa Monica, CA with my close friends. I remember blowing out my candles and making my “birthday wish”…. to spend my next birthday in Bucharest. Well, I am here and happier than ever!¬†I am so thankful and blessed to be where I am today, doing what I love to do.

I don’t want/need anything for my birthday, BUT if you insist on getting me SOMETHING, you can donate to my EGM fund. I don’t want this year to be cut short because of funding and I am doing my best to manage my money over here to stretch it further than planned. I have such exciting projects starting here and I would hate to have to leave in early 2013 and not be able to continue working with the children. Every little counts, no amount is too small, and contrary to popular belief, no amount is too large either ūüôā

Here is the link to the EGM donation page.

Under “MINISTRY PURPOSE” select “Support an EGM Missionary” and a new drop box will appear. Find “Camilla Croxton (Romania)” and fill out the billing information.

I have had a very busy/exciting week with an new opportunity to be involved with something else during the week.  I will explain more this weekend or early next week when I have a bit more time to write.

Hope everyone enjoys their day and goes to In N Out/Vinces in honor of my birthday ūüôā

Here is a random picture of me with some friends in Romania, because my blog posts are a bit bland without a picture. Image

Future Plans with the Ferentari Kids!

I am going to make this update as detailed as possible so my video blog moves further down the page and I don’t cringe every time I come to write a new post.¬†

As you know, last year I came here to serve on a short term mission team. We ran a VBS program for the kids who live close to Calvary Chapel Bucharest in an area called “Ferentari.” these kids are known as “gypsys” as some of them don’t go to school, can’t read or write, and are born into broken, and/or very young families. Besides their circumstances, these are some of the coolest kids I know. They are stoked on worship, sports, and any attention we give them as they don’t get very much of it at home. They have a TON of energy, which isn’t always easy, but they are also some of the most loving kids I have ever met.¬†

On Sundays, Mike (who I work with at EGM, and attend CC with) runs a special childrens program for these kids.¬†Consistently,¬†there are about 30 of them who come to sing, hear a Bible Story, do a craft and eat. The problem we have is building a deeper relationship with these kids, as we only see them for a couple hours a week, and have so many of them. It isn’t easy to speak to them one on one and see how they are doing personally.¬†

I am excited to tell you what our plans our for these kids who crave love and attention and who need Jesus. We are going to start a kids club twice a week for two groups of ten. Rebecca (a socal native who has been a missionary here for 12 years) and I are currently planning and preparing for an exciting 6 weeks with these kids. Our theme for this six week program is using your God given talents to serve, give glory to God and to share the good news. Our first week we are doing a updated skit of the Parable of the Talents. Each week we will have a “special guest” teaching them some skills and practical tools for each of the weeks themes. One week is sports, one week is music, art and cooking. By the end of the 6 week session, we are going to have a “talent show” for the kids parents to attend. The kids will sing the songs they learned, the Bible verse, and showcase some of their talents. We are hoping this opens the door to their parents attending church as well as the kids.

These children don’t have the opportunity to be involved in organized sport/classes so for them, it will be so cool to learn some of these things. Along with Biblical themes and practical themes, we are also teaching them a few English words and phrases a week (rewarded the next week with candy) so that they can start to learn some English. ¬†

¬† The kids who are chosen for the club are the ones who have been behaving, involved and taking the Sunday program seriously.¬†It will be hard to not be able to include ALL of the kids in our club for this first session, but we are hoping they will be encouraged to behave and be more involved in the Sunday program. ¬†Like I said before, we are focusing on building deeper and more meaningful relationships with these kids. Along with meeting with them on Fridays for the club, we are going to spend more one on one time with them as well. Taking them out for ice cream, to Mcdonalds…etc.¬†

 Although we still have a lot to prepare for, we are trusting that it will all get done before our kick off date.. October 12. I am super excited and want to thank you because you are funding this project directly. The supplies we need to make this a fun, exciting, learning experience is all donated by you. 

Prayer Requests:

2. Baptisms at my church are this Sunday. Please pray for the 5-7 people getting baptized, it is such an exciting time for them and I am so happy to be here to see it. 

3. Big prayer request for my Pastor here at Calvary Chapel Bucharest.  Him and his family are going through a hard time and any prayer and support would be greatly appreciated. 

4. Please pray for Rebecca and I as we continue to prepare and plan for this program. We have so many ideas but want God to filter out the unnecessary and show us what to do and not do. 

5. Most importantly, pray for the kids in the Ferentari neighborhood. Pray that God starts working on their hearts now and our program is something they enjoy and want to come back to for the right reasons.


I think that is it for now! Thanks for reading!



oh PS, if anyone has any ideas on what to call our “kids club” they would be greatly appreciated. Rebecca and I are stumped on what to call it!


PPS I didn’t proofread this because I have to go to my Romanian lesson now, sorry for any/all errors!