My Birthday Weeeek!

I loooooooove technology… but sometimes, like today, I just want to throw my computer off of the top of the Eiffel Tower. If I didn’t dislike Paris so much, I might have flown there today just to do so. Wrote my longest, most detailed blog post today, filled with pictures and videos, and my computer shut down! So here I am, 6 hours later, at midnight on a Monday night, saving my work every five seconds, trying to write this thaaang again.  Lets roll!

This blog doesn’t JUST serve as a way to stay connected with friends/family and supporters. It is also like a journal that will never get lost. I can find this in 10 or 20 years and look back at what an experience this was. I am just trying to say that I am going to explain in great detail about my week. Not only for me though, but because I get a lot of questions about what I do daily here. Here’s the breakdown:

Last Sunday, my church held baptisms for seven people. For the last few weeks, some of the families from the Ferentari neighborhood have been coming to church. This week was no exception and with over 10 children attending, I decided to help Rebecca (the American missionary from SoCal who has been here for 12 years) with Sunday School. After a short church service/testimonies we moved outside for the baptisms! After the baptisms we had a great meal and all went to hang out at the park for the evening. Here are some pictures from that day.



Monday the 24th, I went to the EGM office in the morning to work on some statistical data. EGM is looking to expand into other European countries and need stats/data/facts about every European country to see where EGM is needed and how to make that happen. That is what is keeping me busy in the office for now! After a morning in the office, I went to take my Romanian lesson with Cami. She told me about a ministry she is involved in on Monday nights with some of the people from her church. Her and a few others go visit a orphange just outside of Bucuresti and do a Bible lesson/sing songs with the kids. Ready for this? There are about 30 children from the ages of 2-18… and ONE LADY to take care of them. One.lady. No joke/no exaggeration. Cami asked if I would be interested in coming… I said yes, and was excited to see this for myself.

We arrived at the orphanage around 7pm and the energy and excitment from the kids was infectious! I met Mia, the lady who takes care of all the kids. She was so humble and so thankful for me joining them that night. We sang songs (even one in English!) and split the kids up for a Bible story. When the story finished, I played Simon Says with the kids in English. They learned so quickly and were super sad when we had to leave. Mia talked to me about coming early every Monday to teach the kids English. I am really excited to start doing that and being able to start my week with these kids. Most of the kids are from families involved with drugs, prostitution and alcohol but in this orphange with Mia, they live a much better life. They are loved, cared for, and taken care of and I am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to be involved with them. I will upload pictures and a video from this night very shortly!

Tuesday the 25th, I had a meeting with Rebecca to continue planning for our Kids Club. We still don’t have an official name but we are thinking of ”Ricochet,” In the evening, I had a Skype meeting with Alex and Joe. Joe works for EGM in Temecula and we went over how the last few months have gone. I have decided to reduce what I am getting monthly so that I can stretch my money as far as possible. I really dont know my exact plans for 2013, but I would love to finish off my year with EGM in May and possibly work in lots of camps in the summer here. We will see if it is possible financially and if that is what God has planned for me!

Wednesday the 26th was my birthday!  We usually have Bible Study on Wednesday nights at church but since we had the baptisms the previous Sunday, we spent this Wednesday enjoying fellowship and celebrating my birthday! Life in Bucharest is normal for me now, but some days re so surreal. Wednesday was one of those days. I was so happy to be in Romania for my birthday this year! Here are some pictures from the night!


Cards, chocolate and flowers. The people here know me so well. Feelin the birthday looove!


Thursday afternoons after work, I go to a house close to church and tutor two children. I met them at the camp I did the first week in July. They go to Alex’s church and their parents got ahold of me and asked if I would be interested in teaching them English. The 13 year old girl is already fluent so we are working through a book together to expand her vocabulary and to improve her reading comprehension. The 8 year old boy is fluent in Romanian and German, and knows a little bit of English, so we are just practicing basic conversation right now.  I really enjoy doing this, not only because the kids are so smart, but because I can use the money I make to cover some monthly expenses here.

Friday mornings I meet with Rebecca to plan for the club. Starting next week, we will meet at about 9:00am, prepare for the kids, run both clubs, and take down all the decorations. Friday will be a very busy day but we are so excited to get it started. On Friday the 28th, I went bowling with some friends from church. My brother wanted to pay as my birthday present! We had a really good time, here are some pictures!





The days in Romania fly by as I am so busy but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I appreciate everyones support and want to make the most of my time while I am here. This week was a great one and can’t wait for next week when we start the kids club. On Sunday we had the childrens program at church and chose some of the kids who will get to be involved. It is hard not being able to have everyone involved, but we really want this club to be an incentive for the kids to behave, and we want it a small intimate group so we can build closer relationships with them.

This blog is really long, oops…. but I write a lot about the work I am doing here and sometimes people want to know what I do day to day. I obviously love working with the kids and in the office, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any fun! I will be posting a new blog in a couple of days with video and pictures from my night at the orphanage this week. I am working on my Romanian vlog.. not promising anything, but hopefully it will be up within the next week.

If you are still awake after reading this 10 page essay, thanks! Hope you enjoyed reading!

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Weeeek!

  1. Love every picture and every word! Yes we do want to know what happens every day and it sounds as if you don’t have a moment to yourself, which is just the way it should be. Make the most of every minute in Romania. You are doing God’s work! More please and videos. Love Mum xx

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