Somebody vlogged agaaaain and that somebody is me….

This is just to buy myself some time because I am slacking on posting a big blog about last Friday’s Club Ricochet. But I proooooooooooomise to have best blog post ever with pictures and videos up by next Tuesday.



Remember to email me or post questions in the comments section so I have something to talk about in my next video, otherwise you are going to get a video every month on food, cats and the weather. I am 23, not 93, so I would prefer some help and input. Thanks!!

Tomorrow is our next Club Ricochet meeting and the theme is sports.  Obviously I am excited, but I need to rest before all the fun we are going to have, please pray for the kids because we are taking them to the park and having some extreme relay races!

7 thoughts on “Somebody vlogged agaaaain and that somebody is me….

  1. Hi Camilla. I have always wanted to ask you how do you find the courage to testify, preach or share the Bible. Also, are you playing any tennis? How about bringing children to God through tennis like Andrea Jager. You don’t have to turn into a nun of course!

  2. Hahahaha, you are so funny. I’m glad I watched this vlog. For some reason, I missed the first one, so I’ll have to find it. I may have seen the word vlog and got scared because I didn’t know what it was. You know me and my anxiety disorder…
    So the funny/creepy thing about this vlog thing is that when Cookie the Cat heard your voice she came and jumped up on the desk and sat and literally watched the ENTIRE thing. She has never done that before ever. She even was looking behind the computer for you.
    So you’d better give a shout out to Cookie in the next video. Even though you said the next video would not be about food and cats. I think it should be about food and cats.
    Also, I would like to know if you are allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet there, and if not, where does it go?
    I still think you were in the shower for that vlog.

    So tomorrow night, I’m going to show the kids this vlog thing. They were already in bed. Sorry, they didn’t wake up and come running and jump on the desk and nuzzle up to the computer.

    • Dear Camilla,

      This is Alex, your boss, typing – and this is VERY IMPORTANT!
      About your next vlog: whatever you do, please DO NOT demonstrate how we use the toilet paper here in Romania. When it comes to that, what we do in Romania, stays in Romania!
      I count on you to be a good romaniac and obey your boss :-).
      Thank you!

        • Some things I think you could vlog about:
          • tell us more about the area that the church is in & about the kids’ families or their situations
          • talk about transportation in Bucharest or Romania
          • why you think God chose you for Romania and not another country
          • what has been the hardest thing so far
          • what has been the most rewarding experience so far
          • the different lessons you learn in a short term trip vs. a long term trip
          • any cultural differences you have had a hard time adjusting to
          • any funny stories/moments in Bucharest that you haven’t already shared
          • top 10 reasons to do long term missions

    • Okay, I have an update.
      Without even seeing my question, Noah asked EXACTLY the same question about the toilet paper. So you are stuck (to the bottom of someone’s shoe like toilet paper) and have to answer the question.
      Kirk wants to know if you can change the backdrop for the next vlog to something like a jungle, sort of like Pee Wee Herman and his picture phone.
      Marlee wants to know if they have “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on TV there.
      JJ wants to know if there are any good skateboarding kids in Romania.

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