Club Ricochet- Week 1!


Helllo everybody!

Let me start by saying that the first meeting of  “Club Ricochet” was a big success. Last week, Rebecca, Mike, Dana and I went to the neighborhood “Ferentari” to find the parents of the children who were chosen to attend our club.  They had to sign a permission slip for the kids to attend. It was so hard to say no to other parents who asked if their children could be involved.  It was even harder when some of those kids showed up at the gate and we had to turn them away! We know that in order for us to make an impact and build a strong relationship with these kids, we have to keep the numbers low so we have time for each child individually.  Nineteen out of the twenty kids came!

We started off by giving each child an ID card with their picture on it, they loved them!  They have to bring them each week in order to get in. All of the other kids from the neighborhood wanted these cards so we are going to make a different version for their involvement in “Calvary Kids” on Sunday afternoons.

We started out the meeting with 2 songs that Florin and his son, (and my friend!) David, led.  Florin was leaving for America a few days after this first club meeting, so I was so thankful he was able to teach the kids these songs before he left. He also recorded the songs so we can use them for future weeks. Here is the link to one of the songs they taught the kids! Fun fact, it is also one of my favorite worship songs.


After the songs, we had a skit for them. Over the next six weeks we will be talking about the Parable of the Talents and giving these kids the opportunity to explore their talents and gifts in order to serve others and glorify God.  The skit is an updated and simple version of the Parable of the Talents. Although most of you will have no idea what they are saying, here is the skit!


(Big, huge, THANK YOU to Dan, Claudia, Andreea and Jean for spending their entire Friday to do the skit! Claudia made the costumes and helped with the set too! She is the best!)

The kids loved the skit! As you can see, they did not interrupt and were super attentive throughout the entire thing which rarely/never happens.   Next, we had time to discuss the skit and ask questions.  This is probably the most important time as we get to hear each kid open up.

Then we started to learn the memory verse 1 Peter 4:10. It says “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” We are going to continue memorizing this verse for the next couple of weeks and then start to learn it in English!


After we finished with the verse, it was time to learn some English! Each week we are going to teach the kids five vocabulary words that relate to each meeting. This week the words came out of the parable… heaven, returning, journey, talents, happy, and trust. For every word they can pronounce and remember correctly next week, they get a small piece of candy. We also teach them a couple conversational things each week. If they get all the vocabulary words and the conversation correct the following week, they are rewarded with a BIG chocolate bar… that way if we have extra by the end of the session, I can eat the leftovers….. just kiddingggg…. kind of.  The kids LOVE to learn English, and their parents were really excited about this too. We gave them flashcards so they can practice during the week!


Following the English lesson we had ”Get to know You” sheets. Some questions were fun and some were personal. As the kids were working on the sheets, we brought out chips, ham and cheese sandwiches in the shapes of hearts and animals, oreos, chips, and soda. It was a full two hours we had with the kids but we all enjoyed every mind of working with them. We had a break for about an hour and a half and we did the entire program again for the second group of kids! Come Friday, we will see if the kids had as much fun as we did!

ImageWe finished with the second program at about 8:30pm and I went to the train station to jump on a train to Brasov to meet Alex and Mike for an EGM Conference. Saturday was packed full of training sessions and realllly good food. Around 100 people attended the conference. The theme was A child between digital and spiritual, how to make a disciples in a world full of robots?” I haven’t been to a national conference before but to me, it went really really well! Here is a picture of Alex, my boss speaking, and other pictures from the weekend. Can you see my hand print?




Sunday I took a train back to Bucharest and made it to church in the evening to spend time with Florin before he leaves.  Please pray for Florin as he is now in America, and please let me know if there is an opportunity for him to share at your Bible Study, or church service in southern California!  Now that you all know a little more about Romania, I think you would enjoy hearing about it from a Romanians perspective!


I rambled, I realllly rambled today. There was just so much that had to be said and shown. I want YOU to feel like you are here as well! I know I promised a video of me speaking Romanian, it is coming soon seriously!  I am one week behind on my Club Ricochet updates. Last week was sports week and it went really well. I will try to post a blog about it soon so we will be caught up.

Again, thanks for all the prayers and support while I am here. I have had another crazy busy week here but promise to try to keep you all updated the best I can. Hope you are doing well!

3 thoughts on “Club Ricochet- Week 1!

  1. Hey, it’s really awesome what you all are doing over there. I know God is stoked because this is going to have such a ripple effect. I just know a lot of these kids are going to keep spreading the news and the joy of knowing the Lord 🙂
    We are blessed to be a part of this journey with you.

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