I have been so excited about announcing this for weeks now. Okay probably even months, but until it was official, and until we had some important information confirmed I had to keep my mouth shut, IT WASN’T EASY!  Now I can announce that we, Calvary Chapel Bucharest, are excited to spend our first week of July with 30 of the kids from Ferentari at camp together !  These children have never had the camp experience, and for them it will be a great experience.

Obviously this cannot happen if we do not get the necessary financial support needed.  I dont want to beat around the bush here, the parents do not have the money to send their children to camp.  We cannot pay for all this alone, and now that you have gotten to know the children through my blog posts I hope you feel moved to donate a little bit for the camp!  Everything needs to be paid for from transportation to and from camp, food, toiletries, craft supplies, and everything in between!

The cost for each child is 165$ for the week. Compared to camps in California- that is a steal! I really hope we can meet our goal of $4500 so that we can bring the maximum amount of kids- 30!

Please visit the donation page for more information!  I really appreciate all the support I have received while I have been here.

Now that that is launched and underway, I can focus on catching up on my blogging. Things I know I need to blog about but havent yet: 1. Vlog Answering Questions 2. Me Speaking Romanian 3. Taking my camera outside and showing you around a little bit

I want to promise a video a week, but the days fly by here so I am not going to promise anything.  I will try though!

Thanks again and feel free to spread the donation page to friends and family so we can reach our goal as quickly as possible.


For the Camp website click: http://cck.ccbucuresti.ro/

Club Ricochet- Week 2…. Sports!

My computer is fixed!! (Thanks David!) and I am so ready to update this blog with a ton of pictures and show you how Club Ricochet has been going the past MONTH! Wow, crazy how fast time is going!

Obviously I was looking forward to this week! With the first group of kids we took them to the park and played a few games and ended with a football game.  My friend Dana, from church is a football player, so she spoke to the kids about how her gift is used for Gods glory.  We had a really great time playing at the park and came back to hear Dana speak, and a video about the Christian Brazilian football player, Kaka. 





Claudia with some of the kids from the day program!




Sent the kids home with a healthy bag of food this time! I think we had water in there, trail mix, an orange and maybe a littttle something sweet. Much healthier than what we usually give them 🙂




The second session was a little harder to organize games at the park because it started to get dark so early.  We just climbed on the equipment, and of course, ended with some football!

The kids had a great time this week. They all enjoy sports, and football is just kind of in their blood. We pray that the kids learn how to use their gifts for Gods glory.  They enjoyed seeing a great footballer like Kaka, be so open about his faith.  


(Americans: football= soccer … sorry for the confusion)

Quickkkk Update!

Just a quick video to let you know I am alive. I am having major technical problems with my computer so I haven’t been able to upload pictures and let’s be honest, no one wants to read a blog post without pictures.

Exciting news coming, exciting videos and exciting pictures so be patient while I try and fix my computer…. and by “I” I mean people from church who know how to fix computers.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, eat that really cheap, just-add-water stuffing for me, I am craving some of dat!