Club Ricochet Music Week 3

I think this was my favorite week! Not only did we have the help of 7 students from the Calvary Chapel college in Hungary here to help, but music just seems to be ingrained in these childrens’ blood. Most of the children had raw natural talent and every single one of them loved the theme this week.

We started off with our usual worship songs, a memory verse game and then interviewed one of the talented students from the Bible College, Erik, who plays a few different instruments.   Erik talked to the kids about using his musical gift to worship the Lord and to lead worship at school in Hungary.

After that, we split the kids up and Erik and a translator took 3 of the kids to a seperate room to teach them a few guitar chords.  The kids LOVED it because they usually arent allowed to touch the church guitars! To be able to hold them was enjoyable for them, but to actually learn how to play a chord or two was really exciting for them.

In the main church, David taught the kids how to use the cahon, drums and other instruments while we played music behind them.  Like I said, the kids loved this and it was clear that many of them had a musical gift.

After we rotated the children so all of them would get a chance to learn some guitar, we hate spaghetti!

Here are some pictures and videos from Club Ricochet’s music week!  Seriously watch these videos, they are amazing!









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