Club Ricochet Cooking Week 4

Obviously my computer is fixed and up and running again! That means for the next few days you will be getting a new blog post, and today TWO! If you haven’t already, check out the music week below this post!

When we started to think of planning for Club Ricochet we wanted to include some practical skills as the kids do not have the same opportunities as most do.  That includes the opportunity to cook so we were really excited about having Dragos (a chef and friend from church) come help us with the kids this week.

We always have an English test after we sing songs and this time I remembered to record Alex taking his verbal English test! If they get all five correct, they get a candy bar.  If they get 4 or less, they get a small piece of candy for each correct word. Here is Alex:

After that, Dragos talked to the kids about his talent and how he used it to be an example in the restaurant he works in.  He also uses his gift to serve others as he has cooked for us when he isn’t working.  


The kids were really anxious about being to be “hands on” in the kitchen.  Here are some pictures of them making a cake and an omelette!






Alex realizing cooking is tiring! Waiting for the food to be done!






Maria is always, seriously, ALWAYS the biggest help. 





Big thanks to Maria and Dragos for spending their entire day off cooking with kids! The food turned out great and the kids had a really great time!

Like I said, new blog post every day for the next few days so continue to check back daily!  Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you again for your continued support and prayers.  As you can see, the kids are enjoying Club Ricochet and without your support, it wouldn’t be possible to run such a smooth program. 

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