Club Ricochet Art Week 6!!

This was supposed to be our final meeting of Club Ricochet but we decided on adding another.  I am not the most artistic person to ever walk the planet but we had a really fun idea for the kids so I was excited to see them “decoupage”  We gave each of them a glass bottle and had 15 different kinds of napkins they could cut/glue/decorate their bottles with.



Claudia, a girl from church who is definitely gifted with artistic abilities, came to talk to the kids this week about how she uses her gift for Gods glory.  She was also able to show them how to be a little more creative with decorating the bottles as opposed to just gluing on entire napkins.




As you can see by the pictures, they learned quickly and soon decorated their bottles very creatively!! Some took longer than others so when they finished, we gave them the opportunity to paint some pictures.  For almost 2 hours the kids sat and worked on art.  It was great to see them focusing on making beautiful art and not just wanting to rush through it and play games after.



Check back tomorrow to see pictures and videos of our final Club Ricochet meeting- a pizza party and big final English Test!!!!

BONUS VIDEO! I totally forgot to upload this in a previous post.  Here is one of the kids, Alex, taking his verbal English test the week after music week and owning it!!

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