December 1st, Romania Day!

December 1st is a big holiday in Romania! It is their National Day.  To celebrate, we had an “Open Night” at Calvary Chapel.  Open Nights are basically full of fun games, music, and time spent just hanging out! Here are some pictures from that night!.  Some of these pictures and mine, and the really good ones are taken by Claudia 🙂


Me introducing myself in Romanian 🙂


Romanians getting their dance on!


Now that I am basically caught up with all of my pictures. I will start posting videos. We have some really exciting things coming up in the next few weeks like the kids Christmas play, going to deliver food to the homeless, caroling, Christmas services and Christmas celebrations!!  It snowed here last night so it definitely feels like winter!!



This was my walk to work today.  Much different than driving down PCH towards Malibu for work a year ago! It is cold, but I am proud of myself for turning on my heating….yet. Tonight is supposed to be -25 degrees so I might splurge and turn it on!



2 thoughts on “December 1st, Romania Day!

  1. Hi Barbara!! Merry Christmas! Katie sent me pictures of her and Kate making cookies- they turned out great! Wish I could have been there but this Christmas was definitely special and amazing in its own way! Hope you are all doing well! Thanks for keeping in touch! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. Merry Christmas Camilla! We’ve been thinking of you, sending our very best for a beautiful Romanian holiday season. Kate had great fun decorating Christmas cookies at your house, but she sure missed you being there this year.

    Your posts have been very entertaining. We’ve so enjoyed following you and your adventures. Keep up the good work!

    Here’s to a healthy, happy New Year… may all your wishes come true.

    Much love, Barbara, Kate, and family

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