Children’s Christmas Program

Club Ricochet had ended and Mike had planned for some of the children to do a Christmas play and sing a  few songs at the special Christmas program. Santa comes and gives out gift bags to the children too! This year, the children did a superhero version of the Christmas story.

Here are some pictures from the play and a link to the youtube video. Obviously it is in Romanian, but you can still see how great they all did and how amazing they looked!

IMG_2795 IMG_2797 IMG_2776 IMG_2763 IMG_2796 IMG_2840 IMG_2845 IMG_2850

After they did their play they sang some Christmas songs. Here are a few links, just copy paste them and you can hear them singing “Feliz Navidad” and some Romanian Christmas songs!

Feliz Navidad :

E Craciun to the tune of Jingle Bells :

After they sang, it was time for Santa to come and deliver gifts to the kids! They were all so excited!!!

IMG_2854IMG_2859 IMG_2857 282899_503747592988887_2063196044_n

I am SOOOO blessed to have been here for Christmas. I really thought Romania was amazing in the summer, but having snow…. and decorated parks here just gets you in the mood for Christmas! It was so great, the whole month of December was amazing.

Most people know my family has a huge Christmas Eve party every year, so it wasn’t easy to be away from all my family and friends but I did go to a Christmas Eve party here and spent it celebrating Christmas with some of the greatest people I know.

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Check back for a New Years Eve post and an update on my future plans in Romania coming soon!

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