Quick Update!

Just a quick post to let you know what I have been up to/what is going on!

Club Ricochet starts this Saturday! I am not sure if I have posted this information so excuse me if you already know it.  Rebecca and I decided on one group of 15 children on Saturday at noon for this next session. This week we went to all the children’s houses and had their parents resign permission slips. It was so encouraging! The parents were excited about the club starting again but the kids were even more excited! 

Yesterday we put the sign up sheet out at our church for people to sign up to either assist with set up, clean up and preparing food or to be a translator/testimony giver.  We want as many people involved as possible so the children know that it isn’t just a handful of us who love these children, but the whole church.  We have the first few weeks covered with staff and are very excited for fresh faces to help us out with the kids. Not only does it bless the kids to know that the whole church loves them, but it is great that so many people are willing to serve on Saturdays! 


This week we have a fun video for the kids that Rebecca and I have filmed the last few weeks. We went out and interviewed people on what they thought of “repenters” which is what we are called here.  Along with that video, we have also made a powerpoint outlining what the kids will be learning in the weeks to come. Of course, we have lots of games and food.  This week the kids will be learning English words that have to do with “winter.”  It is appropriate because it is freezing here! 

Just wanted to keep you all informed and up to date with what is going on here. The weather is cold, but it is making me sooo excited for spring/summer and makes me appreciate the sunshine! 

February is almost over and time is continuing to fly by here. I am still enjoying it here but I have started to miss home! Once I get working with the kids weekly again, I am sure I will be too busy to think about it though! My mom comes to visit in a couple weeks and after 7 months of not seeing a family member, I am excited! 

Please pray for Club Ricochet. Rebecca and I were just talking about what a blessing it is to be able to work with these kids.  Pray that the kids show up, enjoy themselves, and most importantly, open their hearts up to the Lord. 

Thanks for reading and I will be posting weekly starting next week! I am thinking every Wednesday I will have a blog up with pictures and videos from the previous session of Club Ricochet. 

Hope you are all well and not taking that California sunshine for granted!


Another reminder: If you feel moved to donate to the camp we are taking the kids to this summer. Please visit : http://www.gofundme.com/1ksqx4

Check out the official camp website we have too! http://cck.ccbucuresti.ro/

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