Club Ricochet has been finished for a couple of weeks now.  I have to admit, I was a littttle excited about having my Saturdays back but since I am only here for a few more weeks before I go home for a bit, Dana and I have decided to spend Saturdays playing football (soccer) with some of the children and tennis and ping pong.

We have about 10 kids who we meet around noon on Saturdays and walk with them to the park to play. They love football and so do I so it is SO much fun for all of us!  This Saturday we will introduce tennis and ping pong to them.

Here are some pictures from the first week we played with the kids. After that first time, every time they see Dana or I they are asking to go to the park again.  Since the weather is so nice now, it makes for a great Saturday!

Choosing teams!


Water break!



As I have said before, one of my biggest goals here was to build deeper relationships with these kids.  It is hard to connect to all of them on a Sunday when we have our church for them.  But when we work in smaller groups and spend 1 on 1 time with them, we see a completely different, respectful side to these kids. Dana and I love playing sports, and love these kids so we couldn’t think of a better way to spend our Saturdays!


YAY! My computer was once again fixed so now I can post the photos I have been taking the last few months. Here is an overview of Club Ricochet Session 2, Spring 2013. 











Crafts and food!:




A major thank you to everyone who helped Rebecca and I with this session.  Sharing your testimony, helping with setting up and cleaning up, and for coming on a Saturday to hang out with these kids! 


Also to everyone in America for supporting and praying for this ministry! 

April 2013 update!

Hi everyone,

Excuse the lack of updates recently. Every piece of technology I own hasn’t been working including my computer, phone, hard drive and camera so unfortunately I won’t have pictures on this post, but I will have lots of information!

Club Ricochet started at the end of February and we had a new theme about being a “Repenter.” That is what Christians are called here and they have a weird stigma about what they do and what they believe so we wanted to address it head on with the kids and inform them.  Each week we answered a new question through power points and skits. We still did worship every week with Florin and David playing guitar and drums. We still had English with the kids every week and they STILL continued to impress me with how much and how fast they learned new vocabulary!

After 7 weeks of meeting with the kids on Saturdays, Club Ricochet Spring 2013 session is finished.  It is sad to know that I will not be involved in the upcoming sessions but GREAT to know people here are excited about continuing Club Ricochet in the fall. We invested lots of time and energy and planning with these kids and it would be a shame to know that once I leave, so does the Club. But Rebecca is awesome and already planning what to do in the fall!

During this time I had a friend visit from England and my mom visit from California.  It was great introducing them to my “family” here and especially showing them the kids they read and see so much of.  It also made me realize how adjusted I am to Romania.  They pointed things out about this city that I no longer think twice about! It will be interesting to see America from my “Romanian eyes” in a few weeks.

Aside from visits and Club Ricochet, I have been thinking and praying about my future. I have been in Romania for 10.5 months now and my time here is coming to an end in July.  I love Romania, I love Bucharest and I would love to stay, but I didn’t make the decision to come here on my own and I cannot make the decision to stay on my own either. My future is not about what I want to do or where I want to be, but where I think God wants me and what He wants me to do. I came to Romania with a couple of goals; to encourage people from the church to be involved with the children so when I leave, they continue to work with them, to build a better relationship with the kids from Ferentari, and to share the gospel with the kids. Because of the amazing people at Calvary Chapel and their serving hearts, I know they will continue to be involved with these children. It makes it a little easier for me to say good bye 🙂

In one month I will be coming home for a month to raise money for the camp that we are having for the Ferentari kids. (okay, I am a little homesick, I am coming home to see you too!) We have about half of the money we need to take 30 kids to a sleep away camp.  These kids have never done this before and the 13 of us who are going as staff are nervous/excited/anxious to see how it goes. We have our first major camp meeting with all of the staff tomorrow so please pray for us!

I am speaking at the Voyagers service at Rolling Hills Church and New Beginnings service on June 2nd but if you have a week day Bible Study I would LOVE to come and share my experience and pictures with you. I will be home from May 22- June 20.

When I return to Romania from America I have a week to tie up the loose ends before we leave for a week long camp with the kids! After that, my VISA expires a few weeks later.  For now, I am still waiting and praying for my future, where ever it may be!  I am trying to be as patient and flexible as can be so I am happy where ever God wants me to be, doing whatever He wants me to be doing as long as it is His will.

Please pray for the funding for the camp to come in.  Planning and preparing a new camp like this is stressful without having to worry about having enough money to cover all the kids.  If you feel called to donate, here is the link for the online donation:

I promise to update one more time before I leave in May.  We celebrate Easter here on May 5th and Rebecca and I are planning a special day for the kids and hopefully I will be able to post someones pictures from it.

Hope everyone is great!