Blogging from London!

I have a major layover on my way back to Romania so I thought I would keep everyone posted on the progress of the camp, and me, of course! 

It is SO overwhelming to see how much people have donated the last few weeks. I had no idea the money would pour in (it wassss at the last minute, but I am a procrastinator, its all here before camp, thats all that matters!). Not just financial donations, but the supplies everyone donated for camp as well! I am sitting here with THREE overweight bags full of soccer jerseys, soccer balls, craft supplies, gifts, camp supplies all donated, and all for the kids. They don’t even know whats coming to them! I will definitely be taking pictures/video of their reaction. Bottom line, THANK YOU for all the donations. We are so appreciative!


This past month has been insanely busy filled with weddings, weekend getaways, but most importantly, time with family and friends. Sometimes I doubt my decision to live in Europe because of the amazing people in my life in California. It doesn’t get easier to leave, it gets harder. But if that really cheesy book/movie is true, if home really is where the heart is, then I am on my way home. 


Thanks California for making my last month one of my best yet, but more importantly, for supporting the ministry in Romania and all your generous donations. 

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