Preparing for camp!

I am writing from our final meeting before camp which means a. I’m not paying attention and b. ill need prayer, major prayer this week!
Just kidding, kind of.

We are almost ready (not really) to head to camp on Monday. And finally, we are all a little less stressed and a little more excited!

I cracked up in our meeting five minutes ago as it took us over an hour, and a whiteboard to figure out how to rotate the children in the music center, English class and craft. So that explains the picture. It is Mike from EGM drawing up what looks to me like a physics problem, which is the most math I’ve seen in 5/10 years. I slept through math in high school so it’s looking closer to ten years.

I will hopefully update again before we leave for camp but if not, I have to continue to say a hugeeeee thank you to everyone who donated money and supplies. We raised more than the 5000 dollars we wanted so we get to go to camp together in a bus! That was always my favorite part of camp- the bus ride…. Second to the bible lessons of course.

I am so encouraged after my month at home and trying to get the rest of the volunteers pumped up for this week. Letting them know, we are not alone, that hundreds of people around the world have helped and continue to pray for this week.

Thank you again! Because of YOU, this week is possible! If I don’t survive this week due to exhaustion, know I died with my favorite people on this earth, doing what I love most, serving these kiddies!

Preparing for camp!

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