We survived cammmmp with no internet for 5 days and only two hospital runs… I promise you the former was much more terrifying! But we have been home for a few days now and I can now reflect on how amazing the week really was, besides complaining about lack of sleep like I normally do right after camps.

We left EARLY Monday morning, like 7:30am early. It was a rainy day in Bucharest but it didnt stop the parents and kids showing up an hour early. Five of the staff had left the day before to set up the beds and decor. When they arrived, the entire camp was dirty, messy and super cluttered. They spent the next 24 hours cleaning, organizing and cooking for us so that when we arrived we had something to eat! ImageImage


After 6 hours on the bus, lots of sick kids, and a few rest stops, we finally arrived!  They did a great job at cleaning, the rooms looked amazing and the kids were so excited to have their own beds, some of them shared, but most had their own. Image

Mike giving the camp rules!Image

Staff picture!



After we arrived, we had free time to hang out, eat and of course, play some football!A HUUUUUGE thank you to ” GIVE GET GO” for supplying us with uniforms! So so cool to have!

1044010_10201005847681724_1511197393_n 1011872_10201005848001732_1675208922_n


Along with playing football, we had swings, ping pong and a trampoline!

945685_10201005552514345_56154883_n 1005596_10201005553754376_418956163_n 1044023_10201005635876429_541924932_n


After some free time we had dinner, and started our programs. The lesson, English class, crafts and music!

993623_10201005541834078_1512129351_n 1012996_10201005545474169_405427709_n 1012832_10201005566034683_829115701_n



More pictures and blog posts coming soon! Thank you to all of you who donated to make this camp possible. It is because of you that this week was as great as it was!

1017544_10201005601955581_2002621945_n 1006226_10201005832681349_1896218277_n

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