As much as I didnt want to say final goodbyes to everyone else, this lady right here was the one I was looking forward to the least.

This is for you Aida, and normally I would send it to you in a message, but you and everyone else in the world needs to know how amazing you are and how much I appreciate your friendship!


Since day 1, okay well maybe since last year, you know how I felt about you in 2011 HA! you have been nothing, NOTHING, short of a sister to me. From little things like telling me how ugly and dirty my shoes are, to big things like giving me life advice, and being the one person I told every single thing this year.  You are wise beyond your years, its kind of ridiculous how seriously I take your advice, but I swear you really in your mid twenties.

When I needed to feel like I was in America again, you were the one to stay up with me all night watching the new Katy Perry movie, discussing the Kardashians and singing along to youtube covers all night long.

It was you who was always there to encourage me, listen to me, tell me when I was wrong, and to comfort me those days I was a hot mess. I have told you over and over again how much I appreciate your friendship this year, I seriously SERIOUSLY don’t know what I would have done without you.  I would still be wearing flared jeans and tank tops everyday? I wouldnt have got to sing and dance to all the Romanian greatest hits?  I wouldnt have fallen in love with KFC and most importantly, I wouldnt have been able to annoy you with playing the new Miley Cyrus/Blurred Lines song every 2 seconds.

I could write how great you are for hours and hours and hours, but I refuse to accept that this is a final goodbye to us and our friendship.  It is just the beginning girlfriendddd. Give me another 5 years and I can complete my goal of making you be on time to one event, just one time.   I now forgive you for all the ‘eye’ pictures you have taken on my camera, dare I say, I will miss them? No, probably not, but still….

And to mama and papa Aida, thank you for adopting me and treating me like your own daughter. Thank you for trusting me with her, and for all your advice and help.  Your love and encouragement was enough for me to get through this year.

Aida, fata, fatoooo, mi rackyyyyy, te iubesc! I will be seeing you real soon chica. You are much much more to me than a best friend, you truly are a sister to me, I couldnt love anyone in the whole world more than I love you. xoxo

(If I know you as well I think I do, you will be writing me shortly to say thanks, but also to yell at me for posting pictures you probably ont approve of up on my blog. sorry in advance. #sorryimnotsorry #theyrestayin)


Had to start with our boys- the Dadasss!



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