Bruda and Zaharia Family.

Along with posting about camp and hundreds of camp pictures, it is now totally necessary that I dedicate a few blog posts to certain people who, without a doubt, helped me survive this past year.  It is only fair that I start with the two men who made this opportunity a reality for me.

When I first visited Romania in August of 2011, I knew I wanted to come back. I didnt know how to make it happen, but with the help of Alex Bruda and Mike Zaharia, my dream came true.  I work with both Alex and Mike in the EGM offices and both of them have been nothing short of wonderful to me.

Alex and his wife Cami have always been there to help me, they literally live 200 feet away. When I was sick and on deaths door with only water in my apartment, Cami (who was hosting a 20 people Bible Study at the time) rushed over and brought me some of her amazing food. Not only is Cami a great cook, but she is a geat Romanian teacher, mother, wife and Believer. She does everything, I mean EVERYTHING, she can to help other people…. works in her sons schools, serves at the orphanage every Monday, tutors kids, works in Childrens Ministry at her church, and travels with EGM to train Sunday School teachers all over the Middle East.  Alex and Cami, since day 1, have treated me as their own daughter/friend/family member and I am so so sooo thankful to have had the chance to work along side them, spend time with them, and learn from them.

Mike and his wife Dana, also live very close to me, such a blessing! Without their help, I wouldnt have lived in such an amazing apartment for the last year! Dana is seriously the sweetest person alive, who continues to serve people until she is utterly exhausted. Like when I was so sick I slept for over 16 hours straight, Dana hadn’t heard from me so she rushed over to my apartment to check on me, I was fine, but she didnt think it was possible to sleep that much and was worried about me. Clearly, she had never met a Croxton, 16 hours is a nap according to us!

Dana and Mike have a HUGE heart for the Ferentari kids. They started the ministry years ago when there was no place for the gypsy kids to go to church. Without Mike and Danas vision for working more closely with the kids from Ferentari, I would have never had the opportunity to serve this year. Not only do they run the Sunday programs for these kids, but Mike works for EGM, and Dana works the graveyard shift at a teenage “home” making sure they are safe and looked after. To continue to support people who work directly with the children from Ferentari please email EGM and change your monthly donations from me, to Mike Zaharia. He is one of the hardest working people in this country, and always shows up to be with the kids with a huge smile.  The kids love him more than anyone else! I am so thankful for Mikes vision of this camp, He was the first one on board and excited to start planning, all the way back in November of 2012! Without him, this camp would not have happened!

These two families have been suchhhh a blessing to me.  I am not joking when I say they are some of the most amazing families I know. So to Alex, Cami (and their sons!) Mike and Dana, I say THANK YOU for accepting me, for helping me, and most importantly for loving me. You will be missed! (especially your food Cami!)

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