Dana and I bonded in 2011 somehow when we couldn’t communicate (at all, not one word) but both had a passion for football and the gypsy kids. Now we bond with a littttle communication, weird sense of humors, football and the kids!

This last year Dana has worked SO hard, with these kids. They are obsessed with her, which is hilarious because she screams at them all the time…keeping them in line, and holding them to higher standard than what they are used to.  Dana was always up for helping on Saturdays with the kids at Club Ricochet, and was super excited when I was on board with taking the kids for football in the park on the weekends.

Camp would NOT have run half as smoothly if Dana didnt join us. It was a lifesaver that she was able to come at the last minute.

Iti multumesc Dana pentru dragostea si energia pe care ai depus-o pentru copii si pentru slujire. Esti iubita de fiecare dintre ei si de asemenea, ai un impact enorm asupra lor. Esti un exemplu minunat si toti te admira.
Iti multumesc pentru tot ajutorul in anul asta ce-a trecut, apreciez fiecare lucru pe care l-ai facut si imi va fi dor sa vad meciurile lui Steaua impreuna cu tine! Presupun ca va trebui sa ma vizitezi ca sa putem vedea impreuna pe Chelsea!!!


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