Final Thank you and Goodbye

It is my final night in Romania. Hence the blast of blog posts thanking so many people here who made this year the best experience of my life.

I can’t stop blogging until I thank each and every one of you who made it possible for me to be here. Your support, random emails, letters, post cards, gifts, journals, and comments made me feel so encouraged and I can honestly say I never felt lonely here.  A couple of times I would think I was crazy for moving away from such great family and friends that I have in LA, but its because you all are so great, that I know our relationship withstands time and distance. Cheesy, but oh so true,

Thank you for supporting me this entire year, but most importantly believing in what I was doing, and supporting the kids and their camp.  It was an amazing week that I really didn’t think was going to be possible, but because of you, it was.

Continue to email me, continue to write to me, I never get sick of updates from California. It was always be my hometown and I will always love it and miss it.

On to the next adventure…. London 2013/2014!


PS to the people who read my blog around the world, that is so cool! You dont know how cool you made me feel! Over 10,000 views because people think what I am writing is somewhat decent. Thank you! IMG_0006IMG_0007

One thought on “Final Thank you and Goodbye

  1. Hey Camila,
    I believe your adventure is just beginning ! God used you to help the children of Romania but he has a greater plan for your life as you walk with Him.
    In His debt forever,

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