Rebecca and Maria

Uh oh, I just spend the last 30 minutes uploading random pictures onto my blog so I wouldn’t have to sit here and type my goodbyes and thank you’s to Rebecca and Maria.

I made such great friends here, but there is nothing like having someone to truly relate to the differences between living in Bucharest and southern California. Rebecca and I teamed up to launch, plan, and prepare Club Ricochet. We were discouraged at times, and tired, but together we rallied and got it done.

There is not enough words in the English (or Romanian) language to describe how great Rebecca is! Like I said, both coming from southern California, we were able to miss Mexican food together, laugh at some ridiculous cultural differences together, but mostly relate and vent to each other. She was ALWAYS, up for listening to me, helping me, and doing whatever she could to make me feel at home here.

Rebecca is in the process of adopting 13 year old, Maria. For some strange reaosn that none of us can explain, Maria has been borderline obsessed with me since I have moved here. We can barely communicate, but who needs to when Maria is constantly hugging you? She does know how to say youre welcome and I love you in English. It was when she randomly told me she loved me today, that the waterworks started.
The hardest goodbye was with Maria. Its hard for her to understand and wrap her head around the fact that in the next 12 hours Romania will not be my home anymore. I will miss Maria, Rebecca, their company, our walks in the park, our long talks, but mostly, Marias hugs. Coming from an English person who hates any sort of affection at all, that means a lot!

So, as I sit here, 2 hours after saying bye to Rebecca and Maria. I have to tell them again, how thankful I am for both of them… but mostly, how hard it is going for me to not be able to see them whenever I want to, or get hugs from Maria every 2 seconds!
Te iubesc Mariaaaa xoxoxo

Rebecca and Maria

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