The Enescu Family

Not going to lie, everyone one of these posts is probably going to end up with me talking about how much each person made me feel like family. No one made me feel like more of a sibling than my Pastor, Florin and his wifes, son, David… for better or for worse 🙂

Florin and Claudia are always, and I mean ALWAYS, offering to help, airport rides, decor, taking all the fabulous pictures that are on my blog. Even with a doctor telling Claudia not to go to camp, she still went and did all the set design and decor with a bad back. Florin not only is a pastor, but the worship leader, and wonderful, I mean wonderful with the kids. It was so much fun seeing the kids become more and more comfortable with Florin last week. They have always loved him, but always a bit intimidated by him. I think last week at camp, they saw how loving and caring he is by hanging out with them and just spending time with them…and that made them feel so so so important and loved.

David, not only the best translator in this entire country, but someone who time and time again has fixed my computer, phone, and every other piece of technology I own that hates me and breaks every 5 seconds. Like I said, for better or for worse, he was my not so little brother who I am so thankful to have had by my side at every church service, every Bible study and every single day we did Insanity (3 days total)

Thank you Enescus for sharing your  family time/space/house with me the last year! Already missing you guys!

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