October Update!

I realized after my last blog post about the lack of details about what I am doing here and who I am working with now. Oops. Consider it a cliffhanger. 

In short, I am working for a new ministry called “Stepping Forward.” It was set up by Steve and Cami Mather who are from America, west coast repreeeeesent!  Anyways, I met them in the summer, we clicked, I told them about some of the things I struggled with this past year, and the amazing things that happened, that I wanted to continue whilst I was here.  They were super supportive and helpful in being there for me while I made my decision to either continue with my job in London or move back to Romania.  They didn’t pressure me, but they assured me if I did stay, they would have work for me to do.  That was huge.  As my year in Romania was coming to end last June,  I was desperate for work so I could stay here, but I didn’t have the opportunity or know enough people to make it happen. So meeting Steve and Cami was an answer to prayer. Since then, Steve and Cami have been nothing short of amazing with helping me move, giving me their fridge and washing machine, setting me up with Americas my age here (didn’t know they existed), and most importantly allowing me to be a part of their ministry. 

Stepping Forward works with orphans who, surprise surprise live in orphanages. For the last couple of years, Bucharest has been moving the children from big buildings filled with tons of kids, to smaller apartments.  SO instead of weekly visits to just one building, we are visiting 7 apartments throughout the city.  Specifically, in my old neighborhood! Ironic!  Every week we have a new things to do with the kids, celebrate the months birthdays, game days, decorations for holidays, craft days etc.  These kids are all from the ages of 8-16.  It is crazy starting over learning names, places, and most importantly, starting from scratch building relationships with each child. 

THIS MONTH! So far we have done craft days with all the kids, game days,  celebrated some birthdays and taken pictures for the Christmas fundraiser.  We have just about a week left to hit up all the apartments and go and carve pumpkins for Halloween and try and finish celebrating October birthdays and pictures of all the kids. 

Here are some pictures from this week. 



Thought I had more pictures, when I figure out how icloud works I will be able to post. Sorry, I know how boring blogs are without pictures 😦

I am in the process of building relationships with these kids, giving them hope that we believe they can become something, and do something with their lives. They don’t hear it often enough, and they definitely don’t have people showing them that they care, and love them unconditionally. They make it easy, yes they are loud, act out and are usually up to no good, but they are also super loving, excited and sweet kids. I am excited to get to know them better, spend time with them, and of course, love them. 

Aside from work, I have just started to get together with Rebecca to continue to study Romanian, getting help update and redesign my blog, and booking a flight home! I will be home for the month of January, raising support and speaking and meeting with people.  Please let me know if I can speak at any service, Bible Study or with you personally. We all know I can talk for hours so you will get a lot more details, and pictures on my life here than you do through this blog. 

Huge opportunity for each and every one of you to help with Christmas for the children in these orphanages.  I will keep you updated with that within the next couple of weeks. 

Hope you are all doing well! 





Remember me?

Probably not. And according to my stats only someone in Kuwait does, which is either my father or a rich oil mogul who is interested in Romanian orphanages and gypsies. I, too, am thinking it’s the latter who is lurking.

Bottom line is I have had a crazy month, so please excuse the lack of updates. The month of September completed my third international move. SO this happened, I mean, I was alone and pushing a cart that was double my height, what could go wrong?


Saying goodbye to London wasn’t easy. It meant saying bye to a fun few weeks filled with friends, family, family friends, and football.


It also meant my decision to move back to Romania was real, and it was happening.  It is one thing to say you’re leaving a city you love filled with people you love (London) but it is another to get on the plane back to a place you only ever thought you would visit again. (Bucharest)  Thankfully throughout those few weeks/this month, I have felt so at home, so at peace, and so GOOD about my decision that I haven’t looked back and regretted it.

SO, September. Moved. Housesat for the Mather family and took care of their cat, Gemma/Jemma/Gema, who thought it was totally normal to sleep like this. It’s not Gemma/Jemma/Gema!


Searched for an apartment after a couple weeks, and found the PERFECT one!! After living in a one room/studio last year, I decided to upgrade and look for an apartment that had a bedroom and a living room.  That way when I “entertain” someone they don’t have to choose between sitting in my bathtub or on my bed.  I found an apartment somewhat close to my old apartment, but it is a 5 minute walk to a metro station, and across the street from one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Bucharest! Here is a picture I took having dinner on the lake of the park a few nights ago….. GORGEOUS RIIIIIGHT??Image

Between moving, apartment searching. traveling and adjusting to the freezing cold temperatures that arrived last week, I have ACTUALLY done some work. Costi and I went around to all of the orphanages to celebrate all of the birthdays in June, July and August, as everyone in Stepping Forward Ministries was up at camp for the entire summer. Here are some pictures from that, sorry for the quality (or lack there of) it was the first time I had met most of these kids so I didn’t want to be all up in their faces with my camera.


When the Mather family did return, we had a Stepping Forward meeting to discuss our plans from now until Christmas. Lots of exciting, fun, plans.  SOOO excited to be a part of this ministry.  Halloween decorations, birthday parties, pumpkin carving parties, sugar cooking decorating, and of course, a huge Christmas party with each apartment.

YOU have the opportunity to be involved in helping buy gifts for all 70? 80? kids that we work with in the orphanages. More details to come in the following few weeks but its exciting, easy and the kids are going to freak out when we have a gift bag for each of them full of things they asked for this year. We already had one Christmas list turned into me and Costi when we went for the birthdays, it included an iphone 5,  sim card, and something else that neither Costi or I can afford for ourselves.

So these next couple of months are busy, just how I like it, but I PROMISE, I will write more often. I want to write once a week, like “Writing Wednesdays” but it doesn’t really roll off the tongue so until I come up with a clever catch phrase, keep checking back for updates randomly!

As I sit on my bed eating crackers at 4:50am in Bucharest, Romania, I am once again reminded of how soooo incredibly blessed I am to be living in a city I LOVE and “working” with children I adore.   There is no one more undeserving than I, but it makes it so much sweeter knowing that Gods grace is that amazing. There is no where else I would rather be (Do you hear that Mum and Katie, you probably cant hear me over Kelly Clarkson’s booming voice at the Hollywood Bowl, but I am not jealous, not one bit. OK fine I am.)  But seriously, Bucharest is amazing, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not super grateful for the opportunity to serve here.

And with that, I leave you with a video of Kelly Clarkson covering a Beatles classic , seems appropriate since I am not at her concert…enjoy!