Major bonus of not living in America during November: Being able to countdown and start celebrating Christmas without feeling guilty about skipping over Thanksgiving.

Full steam ahead for Christmas!!!

How great is this time of year? I am literally laying only my floor in my apartment with gingerbread candles surrounding me, Christmas lights flickering, Kelly Clarkson’s new Christmas album blasting (sorry neighbors) and may or may not be deciding to open my presents early. I am, after all, an adult now, there is no parent in this city/country/continent that can stop me! Basically waited 24 years for this moment.

Enough about me, I have an AMAZING opportunity for you to big a big part of Christmas in Romania for the kids in the apartments we work with weekly. Christmas is amazing for us to feel a little less spoiled by blessing the kids who never normally get anything for Christmas, and for the kids who have less than we could imagine, to be blessed by a Christmas gift.

My sister is in charge of my Christmas packet in Los Angeles  She has 36 pictures of children from the orphanage children we work with.  You can choose a child to sponsor for this Christmas.  Just $20 gives a child a gift. The only gift they will receive this year is because of your donation.  You CAN give more, we are not only giving gifts to each child we work with in Bucharest, but also having a Christmas party for each apartment the kids live in, having a Christmas party for a school of kids in a village outside Bucharest for 150 kids, and giving all 150 kids a gift as well.

Come on…. how CUTE are these kids?

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So basically all you need to do is let me know if you are interested in sponsoring one of these children for Christmas, you will meet with my sister (if you live in Los Angeles) somewhere/somehow/sometime to exchange money for the picture.  If you want a picture of your sponsored child with the gift, we will email you one! Tax deductible on checks written to Stepping Forward Ministries.

If you are in another country/state and want to donate, email me and we can figure something out.  I have multiple packages being sent out all over America. camillacroxton@gmail.com

And if you are in Romania, please don’t hesitate to be a part of this.  It is the kids that are the rowdiest on the tram, the ones that are wandering the streets when they should be in school, but in the end, they are the ones without family to spend Christmas with. The ones who deserve a great holiday season just as much as we do.

We are sooooo spoiled knowing where each meal will come from, knowing that come Christmas morning multiple gifts will be under the tree for us, knowing that we get to spend each holiday with our families, the kids I work with don’t know any of these things.  They deserve a great Christmas season too.

So excited to get all of my friends and family around the world involved in such a great Christmas season in Bucharest, Romania!

Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas!

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