Hi everyone! I am currently in Los Angeles speaking and raising support for the year 2014. 


It was so much fun being about to speak at Connections and Turning Point yesterday and give people an update on the ministry, Romania, and the orphans.  Thank you all for having me and being so interested in what is going on with us over in Romania! I love knowing I have so much support at RHCC. 

Most of you got donation cards but again, if you feel you want to support me financially for a year, please send checks to Stepping Forward Ministries with the memo: Camilla Croxton.  Please email me directly ( and we can discuss whether you want it as an automatic payment or you want to send it directly to our  headquarters in Oregon. Remember, all donations are tax deductible and of course, ALL donation go a long way.  No donation is too small…… or big 🙂

I look forward to speaking at Voyagers next Sunday and meeting with people individually this week. 

8 days until I am back in Europe!




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