Hello Strangers!!!!!!

Finally, an update. 

The last few months, especially weeks, have been crazy, so I apologize for not writing more often, or ever really. But, thats life in Bucharest so here it goes.

The last few months we have been visiting the orphanages and apartments regularly. Lots of holidays, lots of crafts, tons of birthdays, and lots of fun with all of the kids.  One thing is on their (and our!) minds though- summer camp! That is what we are currently preparing for.  We have had teams from England and Virginia come to help us with the construction of camp.  For those that don’t know, Steve and Cami Mather have built a camp from nothing about 4 hours away from Bucharest.  For June, July and August we will be running camps for the orphans we work with in Bucharest, and for the children who live in the village near camp.  It is beautiful there, and it has been nice spending time there helping to take care of the teams and preparing for camp. Here are some pictures!


Along with regular visits up to camp, we have continued to see the children at the orphanages.  Here are pictures from those times!



And occasionally take a couple of the older boys out to enjoy my favorite thing, oops I mean their favorite thing. 



Work and traveling back and forth to camp has been busy. But I have also had lots of people visit me in the last few months!

My brother came to visit me for a weekend in February and I took him to the foundation I first went to in summer of 2012, Ana si Copii. 



Then in Apri,l my two best friends from high school in LA came to visit me! We were able to go to the orphanage and do crafts with the kids!Image

And we also went to football match!


And finally, last weekend my friend from my high school small group came out for the weekend!  This is us in front of the second largest building (behind the Pentagon) in the world! 




I have also had some rough times in the last couple of months. My grandmother in England passed away, I had to move out of my apartment suddenly despite having a lease until September, and to top it off, I have a slipped disk in my back. Its still no excuse for not blogging, especially because I am so thankful for all of the support I have, but I wasn’t joking when I said it has been a busy few months! 

Back to good news, Stepping Forward has a new website and it is beautiful! Please check it out at http://www.steppingforwardministries.com There is also a very easy way to donate financially on the website.  If you want to donate to me directly, please email me and let me know so I can assure the donation is put in the correct account!

I am also sending out a newsletter via snail mail, so if you would like to receive that, please leave your email address in the comments or email me with it directly at camillacroxton@gmail.com

Thanks for being so patient with me, loving towards me, and especially supportive! I am so thankful for each and every one of you!