Camp Update 1

Let me start with my usual apology for not updating enough, sorry! Glad thats over with…

We are finished with 4 weeks of camp as of right now! We are all taking a much needed week break and we are back at camp to finish off with three more full weeks!

We have had THREE teams back to back who have come out from America to help us with the past four weeks. It is super helpful, but also means no weekends off which adds to a bit of the exhaustion! But we were so thankful for the help from the South Carolinians, Iowains and (the best, not bias at a alllllllll) the team from RHCC!

The first four weeks of camp were made up of kids from Bucharest from the orphanages and apartments that we work in so it was fun to already have established relationships with them before they got there. One of those weeks was with kids from a beach town (Constanta) but living in poor conditions so it was great to meet new children as well!

Not only are the kids having an AMAZING time at camp with music, water slides, football, volleyball, hikes, crafts and the trampoline but more importantly they are loving our worship music and listening to Costi daily about how God can and wants to help each and every one of them. It is great to see the kids start to realize how much God unconditionally loves each and every one of them….something they really haven’t experienced before.

I am going to try and write more detailed blogs about each week we have camp but for now, know that the children are loving it, and we, as Stepping Forward Ministries are exhausted but LOVING it too! Here are pictures to keep you interested til the next blog!

PS Thank you so much for people who are continuing to pray for us and the children, and who sent money recently. It is so amazing to know I still have the support of so many even while I am so far away 🙂








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