Christmas Donations from Los Angeles!

Well, more specifically, the South Bay, but a lot of Europeans read this and have no idea what/where the South Bay is!

For FOUR years now my family has done a huge garage sale in November with all of the proceeds going towards the children I work with in Bucharest to make their Christmas season more cheerful. Garage sales in America aren’t as common as they used to be because A. Craigslist is way easier and B. they are HARD WORK. A lot of effort goes into these garage sales for weeks before to make sure that there are enough donations, and enough help on the day of the actual sale.  My family starts about 4-6 weeks before gathering everyones “stuff” that they no longer want.  My parent’s house turns into a Salvation Army for that entire month.  Here are some pictures to prove it:


Their kitchen turns into a clothing store.


Their living room turns into a furniture store.


And the family room turns into a hoarders paradise.

Like I said, garage sales are no joke! It is so great to have a fundraiser that so many people feel a part of. Whether someone donates one bag of clothes, or an entire bedroom set of furniture, your donation has helped children this year get a gift and a warm meal.

Day of the Actual Garage Sale:

So much preparation goes into a garage sale but even more help is needed the day of to make sure all of the stuff gets brought out onto the lawn, organized, and priced before people start to come shop. Start time is always 6am but people are always waiting outside my parent’s house at 5am to get first dibs on things. Kind of creepy, but whatever, thanks for the donation!


Let the shoppers shop!

This years garage sale was a huge success. The amount of people who donated was higher than ever. And the amount of volunteers who came, even for an hour or two, doubled from volunteers in the past. It made things, apparently, run a lot smoother, and bring in over $1400. That is such an incredible amount of money and goes SO far here in Romania.  SO thank you for all the shoppers, all the donors, and of course, this all star team of volunteers who continues to help year after year. IMG_0849

From left to right:

Mum (coordinator),  Dad (financial coordinator), sister Katie (social media and advertising coordinator), friends Alicea and Nikki (ALL morning/day hands on help/plus a much needed Starbucks run for all the volunteers!), family friend, Louise (Sales coordinator) longtime friend Janell + little baby in her tummy YAY ( Does everything, and I mean everything to do with linking the garage sale and my work here. Photos of children, Romanian signs, information cards, prayer cards etc) brother, Nicholas (lead negotiator/heavy lifter of things)

And to all the other volunteers, THANK YOU. TO Maribel, an life long family friend, THANK YOU for all your hard work and help! And the people who came from my church to serve here this summer and CLEARLY, still have a heart to serve and help the kids of Romania. Grant, Kelly, Megan, and anyone else who I have forgotten, YOU’RE THE BEST!

I will remind people via Facebook, blog and newsletter about donating items for November 2016’s garage sale starting next October! Don’t throw anything away! Any donation, big or small, is what makes these such a huge success!

Part 2 of Los Angeles Donations will be posted *TOMORROW*, on ways YOU can still be a part of giving a gift and hot meal to a child in Bucharest this Christmas season!

Speaking of Christmas, here is my tree/decor and my cat tearing it all down. It was nice while it lasted. (3 days)


3 thoughts on “Christmas Donations from Los Angeles!

  1. Hi Camilla,
    I enjoyed this blog for all the pictures and information contained. I always buy something! I’m trying to get my sister to have a massive garage sale in Sacto. Hope this inspired her.

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