How YOU Can Be Involved….Riiiiiight NOW!

Being so far away from my church, lifelong friends and family I try and make it as easy and effective as possible for you to donate and be involved. I know it’s more fun to send actual gifts to the children, but prices for shipping are so expensive, and even on our side to receive that it is just more cost effective if we buy the gifts.  Here in Bucharest we can make a gift for a child that includes markers, paints, drawing paper, a football (soccer ball!), a scarf and gloves, a teddy bear, toiletries, chocolate and a few other things for around 10-15 dollars/8-10 pounds.

Please consider sponsoring a child this Christmas for 20 dollars or 15 pounds, and receive a picture of the exact child you are sponsoring.  Here are some examples of children that will not receive anything this Christmas without help from sponsors like you.

Obviously these children are living in extremely poor conditions, and while we work year round to improve them, we love to be able to let them have one day of joy when they receive a gift and a very rare (for them) hot meal.

These children’s pictures (the ones posted above!) are currently in Los Angeles at my church’s high school services and at my old hair salon waiting to be sponsored but we have HUNDREDS of other children that need people like YOU to make their Christmas more cheerful. ((Thank you Nikki and Susan for fundraising on that side of the pond!)

Please consider giving the gift of sponsorship this Christmas season.

Donations from the US and UK can be directly transferred to us here in Romania through TransferWise. (Just ask for details in a message) OR cash or checks can be sent through personal accounts in both countries.

Please contact me for more details on donating to our great cause. Once you send your donation, we will send a picture of the child that is getting a gift and meal because of you.  Be a part of giving this Christmas season, it feels really good!


Check back here tomorrow for details on how LONDON (Well, Croydon and Watford) have ALREADY been huge donors this Christmas season.



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