Where did December go?

No, but seriously. Where? I thought I hadn’t blogged in like a week, but apparently its almost been a month. Without going into too much detail, here is a brief description about my December. Refuge Center Christmas program with orphanage kids, an 8 person team from England, launch of Hope Rescue Centre, multiple Christmas parties for all of Hope Rescue Centre’s homeless communities, sarmale making til midnight,  Casa Ioana Christmas Party, getting my entire purse stolen, friend visiting for the month of December, sister visiting for a quick 72 hours, wrapping over 100 gifts, and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life to keep myself sane.

Despite the craziness, I can honestly say that December 2015 was my favorite month I have ever had here. EVAHHH! It was busy, it was exhausting but it was….. (I don’t like to say this ever but I am going to anyways…) so rewarding.  I don’t do this for the feeling I get from it, but after the year I have had, it felt really good to be happy and working with people who share the same passion as I do. We were all exhausted together, we were all sick together, but we had the best month together too, which makes all the craziness worth it.

One of the Christmas parties I did was with the new Refuge Center Ministry.  Costi and I have worked together for the past 2 years but have known each other for almost 4! His kids are the sweetest ( I was watching them a few days ago and I was complaining to the oldest Anna (7) about being alone during Christmas and I was jealous she was going to America to visit her family, and she looked at me and said “But you’re not alone…. you have us, we are your family!” and of course I cried because sometimes I just need to be reminded by 7 year olds that I am not alone here!)

Anyways, Costi, his wife Elizabeth, our friend Dan, and I started to brain storm about Christmas party ideas in October. One thing we all agreed on was that we wanted the focus of the party to be the true meaning of Christmas, and also the time we are spending with the children (the orphanage kids we have worked with for the last 2 years) It is so easy to buy things for the kids and have them be happy for the materialistic things and then leave. We want to spend time with these kids and enjoy a full day with them! Not that we didn’t buy them a gift, but we wanted that to take a backseat to everything else we did that day.

We planned a 3 hour Christmas Party for them.  All boys. Pizza. Games. Crafts. Cookie Decorating. Dancing. Etc. We had some wonderful local volunteers, my sister, and our staff help out and the kids loved it. Here are some pictures from the day.





Cannot wait to start seeing these boys on a more regular basis!  It was so great to get people to help out who fell in love with these children immediately and are interested in working with us in the future.

Lots more posts coming soon soon soon! Check back so I don’t have to spam my Facebook for views!





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