The Last Two Weeks

Just a quick update on the last weeks of life here.  Its been one of the more “challenging” times.  Not really bad stuff. Just stuff that makes life a little more difficult. I always write such great stuff about living here, but it’s not always so perfect.  Let’s get real.

Sunday I woke up with the worst toothache I have ever experienced. I waited all week (apparently, this is not what you’re supposed to do) to see if it would disappear on its own.  After lots of pain medication, I finally found a dentist who told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. Not something I want to do alone in this country but it seems like I will have to.

My cat was neutered today.  There was lots of snowfall and it took 30 minutes to get a taxi driver who demanded I pay him 3x the amount it should have cost + a tip because I was an American? No.

Romanian vets just neuter your animal in front of you, which is not okay for any animal lover. They had me hold him while they gave him the shot of anesthesia and he passed out in my arms with his tongue out. Like I said, NOT OKAY! In America, you drop your cat off and don’t have to see any of that! I carried my cat home on the metro in a foot of snow in his cat carrier without a front gate on it. Thankfully he woke up from the anesthesia as soon as we got to our stop. Now I need to get my cat to the vet the next three days for antibiotics. In America, you just give your cat a pill at home. On the plus side, all of his shots and surgery cost a whopping $30.  Can’t beat that price.

Last week one of the mothers Hope Rescue Centre works with committed suicide.  She left behind three children and it is a horrible, heartbreaking situation. (Please pray for the children, they are in such a bad place right now emotionally and physically) The funeral is tomorrow and I just got the news I need to drive some of the family to the funeral.  I went out to check my car tonight and there is 3 feet of snow covering it all, the doors are iced closed, and there is no way I can get it to work before tomorrow.  It is -25 degrees tonight and the roads will be icy and I don’t have winter tires so I can’t drive anyways!

So tonight I thought I would blog, and relax and make a big cup of tea…… with salt instead of sugar.  My English family is cringing and the British government is trying to revoke my passport as I type this.

Someday, (hopefully soon) I will laugh about how dramatic I am over weather, minor health problems, and cat issues. Someday I will be thankful for getting to experience weather (I never did growing up, 70’s year round in LA!), be thankful I have minor health issues and not majors ones, and be thankful for having the sweetest cat to cuddle up to me watching The Office.

Despite all of this, Bucharest is so beautiful right now.


My Park



View From My Apartment

4 thoughts on “The Last Two Weeks

  1. Camilla you are given lemons and you make lemonade. I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news. Praying for the kids and your wisdom teeth. Romania looks so beautiful with the snow. Take care Cam xxx

  2. Only you can make the most horrible experiences sound funny! Will be praying for your teeth ( been there) and the children. You are a rock for them whether you realize it or not. Glad you have the kitty to love on.
    Love you,

  3. Oh Camilla, I’m so sorry and sad for your last few days. You are so strong and I’m proud of your resilience. Of course. I’ll be praying for you and the children you mentioned. My heart breaks for them. Hugs and so much love to you. Love Mum. Xxx

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