First and foremost, thanks for all the love and prayers that came my way after my last post.  I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was whiney or complaining, just real.  Thankfully, my toothache is gone for the time being, the weather is above 0 degrees, and my car is out of the snow and working again!

I am sending out my newsletter by snail mail this week! It has been a long time since I have sent one so I want to make sure that my address list is up to date. PLEASSEEEE email me with your current address to make sure you get this letter. It explains in more detail what I will be doing with 2016, who I will be working with, and pictures that haven’t been posted here!

Another amazing piece of news I am finally allowed to share this week is that RHCC is sending yet another High School team to me to come run a camp this summer! This is honestly one of the highlights of my year and I am already counting down til they arrive in July! They will be planning, preparing, and running a camp for homeless children, somewhere in Romania. On Tuesday, I am going on a major road trip with Mike and Dana to find a camp ground that is suitable!

More EXCITING news is that I am officially headed back to the South Bay for 5 weeks in March and April.  I am excited to speak at RHCC and see you all again, meet with people one on one to explain in detail about what is planned for 2016, and of course, be the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding! It is going to be a busy 5 weeks but I am determined to see all my friends and family, and meet individually with supporters. Please email me if you would like to meet up!

As you can tell, this week has been far better than the start of January! I am looking forward to so many things this year in ministry, I know this is going to be my best year here and I am excited to continue to share this journey with you.

Hope everyone is well!

See you Californians SO SOON!!!



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