America Update #1!

Hello friends!!! (New and Old!)


I have been meaning to blog more, as always, but my time is America has been a complete whirlwind. Here is an update on my time here for those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

For those of you that don’t know, I landed in the good ol US of A 3 weeks ago! I started off on the east coast visiting my two best friends who I met in Bucharest. ((AKA my BuchaBesties)) They both moved back to America last summer which literally broke my heart but spending time with them a few weeks ago was the  perfect way to start off my trip. Making friends in a different country is NOT easy, even for a social person like me, and its even harder when people come and go as often as they do in Bucharest. I was and am so grateful for these friendships that started in Romania, and have continued to the east coast! I can’t wait for them to visit and for us to continue our adventures as friends!

Me and Charlotte exploring DC!


Me and Ronella in Danville, Virginia!



Ronella’s daughter, Charlize. My favorite human being ever!


After the east coast, I landed in Los Angeles, Californiaaaaaa (hometown woo!)

From the second I landed here, I have been visiting with friends, supporters, future supporters, speaking at churches, having meetings, and just enjoying this warm weather (so cliche).

My first Sunday here I was asked to speak at a Sunday night church potluck and short service in Lomita.  None of these people had met me before but it seemed like all of them had known me for years! They were all so welcoming, and loving and so excited to finally meet me face to face.  My mom has updated them on my journey over the years but I was honored to be able to personally share what is going on in Bucharest, Romania.  I was overwhelmed with the support and love I felt visiting and meeting them all for the first time. I could not have had a better first Sunday in the South Bay.  Here are a couple of pictures from that night! Thank you Captain’s Wheel for allowing me to share and of course, for your love and support on this journey!


One of the greatest things I get to do is share my love and passion for Romania with people who would probably never think twice about it.  For the past 2 years, Rolling Hills Covenant Church has sent two high school teams to come out and run children’s camps. I always try and get together with the former teams to encourage them to continue to keep Romania in their hearts and prayers.  This time we had a potluck at my parents house and we got to catch up and reminisce about our amazing time in Bucharest together! We didn’t get a group picture so this will have to do! IMG_0143.JPG


Speaking of teams coming out, I am MORE than excited for RHCC to send their 3rd high school team to run a children’s camp in Romania this July! I had a meeting with the team leaders last week to go over the basics and then last night we met with all of the students and their parents to discuss Bucharest, the camp and how excited we are (Hope Rescue Centre) to host a team!

This week I also had the ultimate HONOR or sharing at the Rolling Hills missions meeting. Without making this sound like TOO much of an Oscar speech, I have to again thank each and every one of them for being there and allowing me to share and update them.  Not only do they support me when I am home, but they support me in whatever way they can while I am away.  They are the most caring and supportive home church and I am blessed blessed BLESSED that I get to call them and RHCC my home church family.


To say time is flying while I am here is an understatement. Everyday is packed with 3-5 appointments with supporters and friends to really make the most of my time here but that doesn’t mean I am not squeezing in some time to have fun!  My family has regular game nights when I am home, my brother and I play paddle tennis as often as we can, and my sister and I have amazing TV show events to go to! I am just about finding a balance between working too much and finding time to relax and hang out with people important to me.

I am continuing to speak at meetings and events the next couple of days but also squeezing in a quick trip to San Diego to go sky diving with my brother in the morning! Then back to speaking at services on Sunday at Rolling Hills Covenant! Blogging and keeping you all updated on my time here is a priority and I promise to blog at least twice more before I leave!

I am currently still looking for praying for 10 more supporters to sponsor me $20 a month. If you are interested, please email me directly or head to the DONATE NOW tab on the top of this website and head to the Sowers website to sign up!

As always, a huge thank you to all my family, friends and supporters who are spoiling me with free meals, manicures, and most importantly, love and support! I can’t wait for the next three weeks here to connect with people and continue sharing about my love for Romania and how God is working in Bucharest.