America Update #2!

Time. Is. Flying.

No joke it feels like just yesterday I was working on my last blog post, but it feels like YEARS ago I was on the east coast. I can’t believe I have been in America for 5 weeks, but when I look at my calendar I realize why this trip feels so chaotic and hectic.  My calendar is jam packed with meetings, speaking engagements, and fun events. I feel like my last post didn’t quite cover how much FUN I am having here so this post is dedicated to all of the fun stuff I am doing while I am here. But first, here is a sneak peak of my overall schedule since I have been back!


My brother and I went skydiving (again) Why do we do this? I am terrified of heights! But for some reason whenever I come home to visit, we take a trip down to Oceanside and jump out of an airplane at 13,000 feet. I always regret it all on the plane ride up but the second my feet are on solid ground I want to do it again. Anyways, this was the plane we jumped out of.  Romanian flag colors !!  Nicholas (my brother) and I have also been to Venice Beach multiple times so I could beat him in paddle tennis.  For some reason he keeps thinking “the next time” he will beat me…. it will never happen. ever.


I also spent a few days just with my other sibling- Katie! She spoiled me and took me to the Four Seasons in LA to get a facial and relax by the pool all day. It was SO nice! The girl who did my facial had traveled through eastern Europe and loved it so we have kept in touch and she is (fingers crossed!) going to come visit me! Anyways, Katie and I also spent a night in LA at a TV Academy event for one of my favorite shows, The Mindy Project. Including a Q&A and of course, selfies with the cast afterwards! IMG_1263.JPG



For those of you that don’t know, the reason I am back this time of year is because my best friend got married last weekend! Haleigh has been my best friend since she was born just 5 months after me!  We grew up at RHCC together, continued to stay friends when they moved away and she came and visited me in Romania and London in 2015!  She is my biggest supporter and encourager and I was super excited to be able to stand next to her as the Maid of Honor as she married her now husband, Tony! Here we are dolled up last weekend, we truly never look like this, ever….


Along with all this craziness I have been able to hang out with friends who have flown in from near and FAR (San Francisco and Ohio!!) to spend time with me. I am MORE than blessed with great friends who keep in touch with me while I am away and connect with me while I am home.  They make me feel like I never left!  I also have spent time with one of my closest friends from Romania, Rebecca and Maria, who she adopted from Romania.  (Rebecca was my first and ONLY American friend I had my first year in Romania) We spent a day at Knott’s Berry farm and then a couple days ago I drove down to Escondido for a goodbye dinner! Here we all are at Knott’s Berry Farm.


It hasn’t all been just fun and games though!  Last Sunday I had the honor or speaking at two RHCC classes.  Thank you so much Turning Point and HomeBuilders for making time for me to share what God is doing in Bucharest. I was overwhelmed (x10000) with the support I received. I appreciate it so much! Your support is the reason I can continue to serve in Romania, so MULTUMESC! (thank you!)




Although I am truly EXHAUSTED, I know that I am taking advantage of being surrounded and loved by so many people here.  I am loving it here, of course.  But i cannot WAIT to get back to Bucharest.  This trip has made me realize more than ever that Bucharest is now my home and I am counting down the days til I return- 6!!!

The next 6 days are filled with traveling, meetings with supporters, speaking at RHCC, shopping for spices I can’t find in Romania and my going away party. I DID promise 3 America updates and I am determined to get my last one in before my flight leaves on Tuesday.

Until then,

camilla xo


PS sorry for any spelling mistakes, no time to proofread 🙂




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