Friday Night Fun!

June 1st isn’t JUST my anniversary date with Romania but also International Kid’s Day.  Its actually a REALLY big deal in Romania. Schools usually have fairs on the 1st or take their kids to the park or something as a treat. Costi and I used to take our orphanage children gifts each year but because we have close to 10 apartments to visit, we were never able to spend much time with the kids which is obviously most important.  And, believe it or not, the kids get stuff from other organizations its much more fun to do something with them.

This year was easy event planning as Romania’s national football (soccer) team had their final match in Bucharest (at 9pm!) before they headed off to the European Championships in France.  A major bonus was that our kids under the age of 14 got in for free! That freed up some money and we were able to take the kids to dinner beforehand making it an even bigger treat for them.  We took them for shaoma beforehand (shaorma= chicken and fries and whatever sauce and toppings you like in a wrap, so so good) A classic Romanian meal that they don’t often get!

We took around 12 kids with us, I can’t remember the exact number which is terrifying but I know we didn’t lose anyone 🙂  We all enjoyed the match, especially because Romania won 5-1!  It was the happiest I had seen them in a long time, and they were so patriotic and supportive of their country. These boys don’t have much, but they STILL gave me their flag and face paint to take to France next week to support Romania. The boys got home at MIDNIGHT last night, and were still so full of energy when I dropped them off at home. I on the other hand, was EXHAUSTED, and slept til 10! I woke up to messages from the boys this morning saying how much fun they had!

We can’t wait to do a fun event like this again! Enjoy some of the pictures I took! IMG_0792




til next time!


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