Shoe and Shower Drive Information!


camilla61final.jpgWelcome to my blog for the newbies who have somehow received my Shoe and Shower Drive flyer!

Thank you for your interest in helping support our children in orphanages and the homeless children in Bucharest.  This year, 2 teams will come out from southern California to take orphans and homeless children away to summer camp. We are so thankful these people give up time from their busy schedules in California to come here and help us bless the kids with a week away.  Without them, financially we wouldn’t be able to provide such a fun week for the kids.

To help on our side of the pond, I am collecting these items so camp runs a little smoother, and smells a little nicer. Of course, we are always collecting clothes for babies, children, and adults but we do need these items specifically for our camps in July. We have so many activities, games and field trips planned for these kids, a good pair of shoes is needed and of course nice shower at the end of the day is necessary.

For people in Bucharest, please contact me so I can come to YOU and collect any of these items you might want to donate.

For people anywhere else, if you would like to financially donate to this specific cause, you can donate directly through Wells Fargo or my PayPal account. Information is under the Donate Now tab up top.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations.  Together we will be taking over 60 children to camp who live without the basics that we so often take for granted.



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