June recap!

I…… I am alive. Somewhat recovered.  Kind of functioning. One foot in front of the other kind of week this week.

As most of you know RHCC sent a team of high schoolers out to run a camp for homeless kids in Bucharest. BUT, before that happened, I had a very busy month in June that I didn’t blog about.  It was important and eventful and I knew I should have written about it before camp but I procrastinate. Always have always will! Anyways lets revisit June, it was a great month!

June started off with a quiiiiick trip to France.  For those of you that haven’t known me longer than 5 minutes then know that football (soccer for all the Americans out thurrrr) is a huge part of my life. Some might call it slightly unhealthy, and the English find it totally normal. Anyways, every two years I travel to whatever the World Cup or European Championships are. Its a perk of living in Europe, a round trip flight to France for under 150 dollars? Yes please. I went to support England, and of course, Romania. Results were dreadful and I am trying not to have them overshadow how great of a time I actually had there.  It is so great to see people from all over the world, or Europe come together, get along, and feel as one.  Its corny, but in these times, its refreshing to see.

The timing of these football trips aren’t ideal. But I still try to take on as much as possible without letting work suffer. I wanted to be in France for three weeks, but instead went for one week. What a responsible decision! Am I adulting correctly?

A few days after I returned from France I had a very very VERY special visitor. Thankfully, my friends and family like to travel so I have guests often. I am Bucharest’s greatest tour guide. (Probably the only tour guide here too, but whatevs) ANYWAYS, Gwynn Lewis came to visit me from Thailand. Gwynn is the founder of Sowers International which is the ministry I am now under. Sowers works with people all over the world and their different ministries. Gwynn and I had never met in person before I picked him up from the airport but thankfully we got along great! I had a busy weekend planned with both Refuge and Hope Rescue Centre so Gwynn could see and meet the people I work with.

The first day was spent with our orphanage boys at our summer kick off BBQ in the park. We played games, ate a ton of food and hung out and just spent time together. Costi and I have such a vision for these kids.  We are continuing to become closer to them, build deeper relationships with them and not just run events and drop them off. We love these kids and actually want to be with them, and love them. Gwynn said the best part was when we finished our organized games and all the kids threw water at us.  Its normal for us I guess for chaos to ensue at some point!  Here are some pictures from that day.


The next day we went to church, and headed out to meet with Mike and Dana from Hope Rescue Centre. After we had a traditional home cooked meal with them, we went to one of our homeless communities we work with and had Gwynn share his story.  It was the first time I had seen these people brought to tears and LISTEN all the way through someone speaking.  It was powerful and no words can explain how moving it was so I wont even try.


It was an amazing weekend with Gwynn. He understood why I love Bucharest so much, he even saw the beauty in it, which isn’t easy to see! He understood the good, the bad, and the ugly I had been through in ministry the last few years and only had words of encouraged and wisdom for me. It was refreshing, supportive and inspiring. He loved the work I was involved in and loved the people I was connected to here. He left knowing I had great support here, great friends here and a big purpose here.

The day Gwynn left, my Dad arrived!  My dad is the last Croxton to come and visit me!  He was in England for month and decided to fly out for a couple of days to visit me AKA meet my cat. We hung out, bathed my cat, ate dinners out and e flew out a couple days later.  He left understanding why I am here, why I love it so much, and why I so strongly disagreed with Brexit. (told myself I wouldn’t get political, told myself not to go there, telling myself to hold my tongue)


Four days later the RHCC team arrived. Those four days were filled with last minute planning (procrastination at its finest!) driving all over town to collect last minute donations and trying to mentally prepare for the upcoming 10 days.  That update will have to wait.  My laptop is on 2% and it deserves a more in depth write up than 2% of battery will give me.

Camp update coming soon! Thanks for reading and as always, blessings from Bucha!



Helllllooooo! It’s Camilla again! As you know I have had the team blogging about our time here. Micah and Reed really wanted to step up and not just blog about their experience in Bucharest, but VLOG it. I couldn’t say no, I love a good vlog. SO, I gave them a few guidelines and wrote a couple of questions I am sure you will find somewhat interesting (if you do have other questions, PLEASE let me know in the comment section below, they still have 3 more nights in Romania and I would love to challenge all of them to answer you!)

Anyways, before I post the video and some photos from today, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the many many many people that are new to following here. One of the best things about what I do is the privilege of sharing my passion and love for this country, so the more people who are interested in it, the better!

We have a busy day tomorrow. We have busy days everyday here. Camp is exhausting. It is so so great though. I am already dreading dropping the kids off at home on Monday. I am already looking forward to our next camp. But I am looking forward to my bed more right now, good night! Enjoy the pictures, and the vlog!





And of course, the reason most of you are here…. the vloooooog.

Adventure Day!

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley Lucas and I am part of Team Romania.  Today was a blast for both the kids and the staff! This morning, we loaded up the bus right after breakfast and took the kids to a ropes course only about a half hour away from camp.  We split the kids into groups based on age and took to the course.  While the little kids were tackling the course, we took the older kids to a soccer field and let them run wild! Then we switched and let the older kids go on the course while the little kids played games. Then the staff got to go!! It was such a neat experience watching the kids start the course a little unsure or timid, but by the end of the course, as they were flying by on the zip-line, they were all grinning from ear to ear!

After the ropes course, we took the kids back to camp and had lunch. Then we had quiet time because everyone, including staff, was pretty exhausted from our fun morning. Micah shared a message about the Women and the Well and we played games and did a craft that pertained to the main message that Jesus knows our worth.  After dinner, the kids sang worship songs and Chad shared his testimony.

My favorite part of today was when we were playing the game about knowing our worth with the kids.  We drew point values on cardboard boxes and had the kids slingshot soft balls out of a water ballon launcher.   We played an intense game between the boys and girls and…  the girls ended up winning by 5 points!!  We also bonded with the kids by letting them teach us a card game popular in Romania.  This camp has been so much fun and we are only half way through!! I love hanging out with the kids, growing closer to them, and learning about their lives. I am so happy to be here and I hope my team and I are making a difference in these kids lives.