First Moments

Hi, it’s Camilla. First of all, Happy 4th of July to all my American friends- it was great to have been raised in a country with the freedom to do so many things. I try not to take it for granted, and I challenge you to do the same. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in the ugly side of politics (and man is it ugly this year!) and the racial protests, and even believe that your rights as an American are being taken away, but I assure you, America, from a now outsiders perspective, is it a great place to live, to attend church, to raise children, to be allowed to own a Bible, to work, and to pursue happiness. Anyways Happy 4th!

Secondly, the RHCC team is here! Instead of me blogging about this weeks experiences I have challenged each member from the team to write for me.  I think it would be interesting to hear their point of view, and healthy for them to debrief about the trip so far publicly. I know many of you have been a huge part of getting this team of 9 here so THANK YOU! Before I start to ramble, here is today’s first blog from a high school team member, Aidan Gilbert. Its unedited, and not even read by me yet.  I will read them all at the end of the trip when I start to miss these guys!

To say this team is energetic and enthusiastic is an understatement. We are pumped to have them here, stoked to see what they have planned for camp, and excited to get to know each and every one of them individually. So, without further ado, here is the first blog written by Aidan Gilbert. (fun fact: he was the first toddler I ever helped potty train!)




Well!, greetings to all from Romania! As I write this I am jet legged and half awake. SO PLEASE excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes from this blog entry. I am writing this on the fly so i guess I will start with the plane ride. I am one from experience to tell you that (I am glad I get the first blog entry to tell you this) ten hours is a real long time. Definetly longer than I remember. I took a plane trip to India and that was about fourteen hours, but along with age a the growing process of any child, I hit the mar where I realized that I was bigger. Sadly that is not a good thing on a plane. I was twelve when I went to India and am sixteen now. not feeling as squirmy and free. I felt good for the first four hours but after that I was done. Being six feet one inch, leg space is an issue the others didn’t get to experience the feeling I did. I hate to complain, and don’t get me wrong I am not, but after still having sore legs through today could be some what of an inconvenience.  But besides that, my plane flight was consisted of everything a normal person would have: movies, listening to music, trying to sleep but realizing you are on a plane, and just sitting there. As for everyone else Mojo slept like a baby amazing all, and the rest of team was around me having normal experiences because they did not share how it went. Once we got to Romania we got in a big ford van. With Mike, Dana, and Camilla. I would love to share a ton about them but I am afraid to give out false information. All i can say is they are all really nice. The car ride to where we are staying was not what I pictured. It was Wilmington, Pedro, and Down Town L.A. in Romania words. That is all I can say. Mojo was actively trying to learn Romanian, and still is. Reed, Chad, and Mica were encouraging Mojo falsely to learn and tried learning themselves, but like me, ended up speaking Spanish. If you are still reading this congrats because I am still tired and just going through the motions not leaving out any detail so you can get some picture of what it is like. Well the time zone is different so I can not tell what day it is anywhere. So today we sorted donated clothes and made care packages for the children who are going to the camp because they have no clothes. We picked up the clothes at Mikes and Camilla’s apartment. At Mike’s apartment, Reed got stuck in the elevator. It was great. We visited some of the kids and handed them their care  package. The food is different. But still what we eat. We had cereal for breakfast, salami and cheese on bread for lunch, and hot dogs for diner. We went to the grocery store and I saw neon yellowish white peppers. Coolest pepper ever. The driving here is like India but not as bad. Seat belts do not matter and parking is anything goes. We park the van half way on the side walk and street. Everything is just chill and chaotic. I can’t wait to meet more of the children and start the camp. Right now we are just sleeping and preparing. My name is Aidan Gilbert and thank you for reading. Be praying for the kids, and we will keep you posted. God speed!



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