Day Two

Hi everyone! My name is Micah Gallardo and I am part of Team Romania. Today was our second full day in Romania and it was an extremely productive day. We were up at around 5:30 and I only got about 5 hours of sleep because we were up early last night. After making some french toast and eggs and mici, we had a devotion and started to go over what the camp was going to be like for the next five days. Once we finished the planning, we went out first to go and give a bunch of clothing to a small homeless community on the outskirts of Bucharest. It was great because when we arrived, kids started running out of the shacks that they had built from the ground up and followed us until we parked. We were also able to give them soda and chocolate and they couldn’t have been more excited to see us. The shacks were built of of brick, wood, and sheet metal and the people there have wired it with electricity and are even able to get television while still being extremely poor. After we finished up there we started to of to the different houses of some of the kids that will be at the camp and gave them packages with shirts, pants, and shoes. Even though there was a language barrier, we were still able to talk to them with the Romanian that we’ve been practicing. Were trying to get down the basics so that communicating with the kids will be a little bit easier. It was really fun to see how the kids interacted toward us because they’re very friendly and always introduced themselves to us. It was a very hot day today as well. It’s only 8:34 when I’m typing this but I already feel very tired. Being able to give these kids clothing today was a very good way of humbling myself because I was able to serve these kids. And these kids don’t feel like there worth anything; but by having us come and serve them, I think it’s starting to make them feel like their worth something and that people care about them. We met a pair of brothers today and they live in a space about the size of a bedroom with 15 other people! It’s wild to see the conditions that these people live in. Sometimes its dangerous, unsanitary, and it smells. But the people here find a way to make it work and it’s amazing to see the ways that they’ve created to make sure that they survive. Pretty much all of the parents here want there kids to live a better life than they did. And sending their kids to this camp is one of the ways that they can do that. We went over yesterday in our team meeting that we might be the only way these kids hear about the Gospel. Ever. I feel honored to be a part of this team that’s speaking into these kid’s lives. Tomorrow we start an early morning and camp starts. I could’t be more excited to meet and minister to these kids. Pa!


Handing out chocolate and sodas


Visiting the houses of some of the kids


The kids at little India


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