Wednesday Vibes

Hey everyone,its Krista! The last couple days in Bucharest have been great, but today we had the honor to take all of the children to camp! the bus arrived promptly at 7:30 am and then we drove around and picked up all of the children. we spent the last couple days making care packages for the children so that they will have everything they need for camp. The bus ride was 4 hours, and although most of us have been on car rides much longer than that, these children have not. so unfortunately many of them got very car sick. yuck! although we didn’t have the greatest drive up their, thankfully we all made it up here safe and sound! we had lunch, and then spent time decorating camp t shirts! the children here are all very sweet and are very excited to be here! i am looking forward to getting to know them better. its really sad hearing all of their back stories, and I’m really hoping that this camp is something that will impact them for the rest of their lives. the most surprising thing so far has been seeing all of the children outlook on life. they are all so grateful for what they have, rather than focusing on what they don’t have. my favorite thing so far has been visiting all of the babies, they were all so beautiful and i loved being able to hold them and see the giant smiles on their faces. I’m very excited to visit the castle and visit Transylvania! super excited to see what else is to come!



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