Day Three feat. Dracula’s Castle!

Hi, it’s Alicea. Today was our first full day at camp, and so far I am having a wonderful time. The kids seem to be having a great time as well. After breakfast this morning, the kids listened to a small sermon about being known by God, and I know, the girls in my group at least, understood the lesson and really enjoyed hearing it. Later we had stations the kids went to. One of them was an English station where they could learn a handful of English words and phrases. I was surprised at how quickly they could pick up words and how often throughout the rest of the day they used them. We also had a music station for them, and that was basically just the kids jamming to some worship songs. They really enjoyed that. They are not afraid to dance and have fun! Their little voices are so adorable! Anyway, today we also toured Dracula’s castle and the kids all had fun exploring. I did too 🙂

My favorite part about this camp is getting to know some of the children. The girls in my group are so sweet and they love teaching me words in Romanian. Last night I was able to share my testimony with the camp and I was so happy to hear how my girls could relate with me. I just love playing with the girls- braiding their hair, making bracelets, holding their hand, and showing them they are loved. Anyway, I am really happy here and I can’t wait to continue growing closer to the kids.





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