Adventure Day!

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley Lucas and I am part of Team Romania.  Today was a blast for both the kids and the staff! This morning, we loaded up the bus right after breakfast and took the kids to a ropes course only about a half hour away from camp.  We split the kids into groups based on age and took to the course.  While the little kids were tackling the course, we took the older kids to a soccer field and let them run wild! Then we switched and let the older kids go on the course while the little kids played games. Then the staff got to go!! It was such a neat experience watching the kids start the course a little unsure or timid, but by the end of the course, as they were flying by on the zip-line, they were all grinning from ear to ear!

After the ropes course, we took the kids back to camp and had lunch. Then we had quiet time because everyone, including staff, was pretty exhausted from our fun morning. Micah shared a message about the Women and the Well and we played games and did a craft that pertained to the main message that Jesus knows our worth.  After dinner, the kids sang worship songs and Chad shared his testimony.

My favorite part of today was when we were playing the game about knowing our worth with the kids.  We drew point values on cardboard boxes and had the kids slingshot soft balls out of a water ballon launcher.   We played an intense game between the boys and girls and…  the girls ended up winning by 5 points!!  We also bonded with the kids by letting them teach us a card game popular in Romania.  This camp has been so much fun and we are only half way through!! I love hanging out with the kids, growing closer to them, and learning about their lives. I am so happy to be here and I hope my team and I are making a difference in these kids lives.



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